ClassDojo is an education communication platform that promotes effective connection and empowerment among parents, teachers and students.

The platform endeavors to create a positive culture in schools and classrooms. ClassDojo grounds-up change where it exists. Many are the times that teachers find their professional work challenging and lonely. However, with the use of technology and connectivity, this changes a lot. These technological advancements have assisted some of the teachers to reach out to their communities and to become better in their profession. This technology has helped educators get new connections both within the classroom and even outside it. In addition to this, teachers have also had the opportunity of being supported and surrounded by their friends online through the use of ClassDojo.

ClassDojo is an app for communicating that is used in the environment of a classroom. It enhances the classroom by generating an affirmative atmosphere. This app allows students, teachers and their families to share important information such as messages, photos, and videos. This sharing makes the classroom and the surrounding environment strengthen their communication bond. In addition to this, it also informs the parents and the community at large about what’s happening in school. Moreover, It assists teachers in coming up with vital life saving skills such as teamwork and empathy. Perhaps the most important aspect about the communication platform is that it assists in making the classroom a supportive and affirmative space for the students, teachers and the community as a whole.

ClassDojo includes an online worldwide community that involves quite a number of teachers. The platform has managed to impact various lives in excellent ways. The online education platform uses Twitter and Linkedin to brainstorm new methods of boosting and exploiting technology within the environment of the classroom. In addition to this, the users of the platform also get insightful feedback. Issues such as students who don’t speak English eloquently or even visually impaired students can all be discussed and shared on ClassDojo. As a result, teachers are able to get helpful technological solutions as to how they can handle them. Moreover, they also come up with new methods of how to solve challenging issues in the classroom environment. Teachers can also have conferences which enhance the communication aspect.

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