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Alex Pall Speaks To Interview Magazine About Transforming a Dream into Reality

2016 saw the Chainsmokers (Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart) become a household name especially after the release of their single ‘Closer’ which topped the music charts and received massive airplay. In the song which features vocalist Halsey, Andrew Taggart has also displayed his vocal prowess. This is a first time for the DJ/Production duo who have previously relied on other artists to deliver the vocals in their songs. Alex Pall spoke with Mathias Rosenzweig from Interview Magazine to shed more light on their new style and how they planned to establish and grow their identity.


The journey of the Chainsmokers started in New York city when their current manager introduced Andrew to Alex Pall. Alex says that at the time he was an upcoming DJ in New York, but he quit when Andrew joined him from Maine to concentrate on their music career. Initially, they studied trends in the electronic dance music scene that were working well for other artists and tried to shape their identity around these trends. Alex Pall points out that over time, they started trying out new concepts to stay relevant in this competitive industry and formed their identity around these new concepts.


In the Interview, Alex Pall revealed that singing about their real lives helped them to open up and show their identity to their fans. He explained that even in their previous singles where they solely relied on other artists to do the vocals, they were still directly involved in the various stages of songwriting and production. Alex told Mathias that working with Halsey was an honor because he admired her for her confidence and excellent vocals. He disclosed that she was one of the artists they had always aspired to collaborate with.


Alex Pall went ahead to acknowledge that social media had helped them to gain international recognition. He told Mathias that what made him happy was connecting with fans of different age groups, ethnicity and races from all over the world including places like South Africa. Alex Pall assured their fans that they would keep incorporating new concepts and ideas into their concerts to give them new experiences.



Academy of Art University Encourages Personal Expression

This world is slowly becoming a world of diversity. While many people think about diversity in terms of the different types of people, one major part of diversity is in fashion. Fashion is a very interesting issue. For one thing, the world of fashion and clothing is filled with people that feel the need to police what others are wearing. At the same time, those who do everything they can to look like a clone of everyone else is going to find themselves feeling unfulfilled. This could also be a factor in why they feel the need to police the clothing choices of others. They are afraid that someone might have the type of courage that they themselves didn’t have.

There is a large group of people that are encouraging others to express themselves through the clothes they wear. They are actually involved in learning fashion. Academy of Art University is teaching these people about fashion. One thing that people are going to learn about is the history of fashion. They will also learn about the different cultures and how they handle fashion. With all of the information they gain from class, they are going to be to take inspiration from these other cultures and put together their own designs.

Academy of Art University is especially trying to encourage diversity in fashion. One of the ways that someone can encourage diversity is by encouraging people to dress in different ways. People can dress a little bit outside of the norm of their culture. Some of the most admired people tend to push the boundaries of fashion. They are also trendsetters. Designers can also be trendsetters. This is one of the objectives of Academy of Art University. They don’t want to just bring forth people who can keep up with the trends. They want to teach people who can actually influence fashion in significant ways.


Fortress Investment Group Sets the Investment Pace

Since its formation in 1998, Fortress Investment Group has been the leading investment manager internationally. This investment management firm was formed as a private equity firm by its founders; Wes Edens (still a principal), Rob Kauffman (retired in 2012) and Randal Nardone (principal to date).By then, Fortress was a small firm, with only 28 employees and $400 million in managed assets. However, with extensive combined experience from its founders, the company experienced rapid growth with the assets under management increasing to $3.9 billion in the first five years of its existence. This further grew to $32 billion by 2007.What brought Fortress Investment Group into the limelight of investment industry is declaring an initial public offer for its equity fund in 2007. It was the first alternative asset firm of its large magnitude do invite the public into an IPO. This move brought Fortress into the good books of the public and gained popularity.No sooner had Fortress Investment Group set the pace than all the other firms followed with the same move.

The first one was Blackstone Group, which went public four months after Fortress. Then others that followed included KKR & Co., Oaktree Capital Group, Management, Ares Management, Och-Ziff Capital Management Group, and the Apollo Global Management.The success of Fortress Investment Group has not just been achieved by luck. It’s a combination of the firm’s core competencies that have acted as pillars for its significant growth. For instance, the firm has specialized in asset-based investments. Beside credit funds and private equity, Fortress has diversified the classes of assets that it manages for its clients to include capital, real estate and other permanent investment vehicles that can generate long-term cash flow. The firm has professionals and specialists who possess extensive expertise in financing, owning, managing and pricing both financial and physical assets.

 About Fortress Group

Being a world leading investment company, Fortress has diversified its classes of assets that it manages for its customers. It has also increased its employees to over 1,100 to be able to serve the expanding client base. Due to its huge nature, the group’s operations have been currently segmented into three categories; permanent investment vehicles, credit, and private equity. Recently, the firm was acquired by the SoftBank group. However, Fortress continues to operate independently under the management of its three principals though still under SoftBank. The acquisition was “all cash” based where SoftBank paid $3.3 billion in cash.

Tony Petrello -Excellence in business and philanthropy

Tony Petrello is a generous philanthropist and a top corporate executive in the United States. As a corporate executive, he is the head of the biggest oil and gas drilling technology firm in the world known as Nabors Industries. Petrello was appointed the CEO of this company in2011 after serving as the Chief Operating Officer of the same firm for two decades. He first joined Nabors Industries in 1991. He has assisted the company to become a leading player in the drilling sector by overseeing implementation of some great measures which has led to better technology. Nabors Industries is the producer of the best drilling rigs. Through the efforts he has applied in managing this job, he has seen the company expand its business activities to 25 countries. Its drilling rigs are being used in multiple other locations.

Tony Petrello has been the reason why Nabors Industries is doing so well. He has led the firm with dedication enabling it to grow rapidly even at times when other firms were facing the challenges of the tough economic times that have been experienced in the last one decade. Petrello has proven to have an extraordinary understanding of the industry which has enabled him to steer the firm with ease.

Apart from the business life Tony Petrello is also doing something great in giving back to the community. Through personal initiatives as well as through Nabors Industries, he has been funding various initiatives which address the needs of the community. At Nabors, his contribution has been seen through the manner in which the company has been responding to calls for support from the community. Nabors is one of the businesses that came out strongly to support the Houston community when they were affected by Hurricane Harvey. Tony Petrello led workers by giving out monetary support as well as sending his workers to assist the community. Workers in the company now appreciate the excellent role that business plays in a community. Many workers are now willing to give out their wealth to philanthropic causes after learning from the CEO.

In his personal capacity, he has been supporting the creation of the first neurological research center in Texas known as the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. Tony has contributed $5 million to the facility to aid in development. He has also assisted in fundraising for the facility which could soon come up with a solution for neurological disorders in children.

Contact Tony Petrello: www.ckwluxe.com/cynthia-petrello-full

The Certifications of Richard Dwayne Blair

When people look into the success of Richard Dwayne Blair, one thing that they are going to find is that he has a ton of certificates and qualifications. While they are not needed for him to run his own business as a financial adviser, they do raise credibility. For one thing, people trust professionals that are certified. This means that they have studied and learned how their area of the industry works. Richard’s credentials help attract clients to him. Richard has put his certificates to good use and has helped tons of people solve their own financial problems for the short term and the long term.

Among the credentials that Richard Dwayne Blair has are Certified Annuity Specialist, Certified Tax Specialist, Certified Fund Specialist and many more. This goes to show that the reason Richard Blair is so good at providing financial advice to people is that he is very passionate about finances. After all, he knows that life depends on finances. Therefore, he is willing to help people get their finances in order so that they can at least maintain their way of life. One thing that can shame a person is if he loses his home because of finances.

Richard Dwayne Blair is someone who teaches people how to think outside of the solid box of convention. He comes up with some of the unconventional solutions that are going to work very well for the individual to use. One of the best things a financial advisor can do is make suggestions on different activities so that the client can experience a spark of creativity. After that, they can not only get to work on making extra money but also enjoy the process. They can invest the money in an account that will accumulate over time. One of the best suggestions for a businessman is to diversify income streams.



ClassDojo is an education communication platform that promotes effective connection and empowerment among parents, teachers and students.

The platform endeavors to create a positive culture in schools and classrooms. ClassDojo grounds-up change where it exists. Many are the times that teachers find their professional work challenging and lonely. However, with the use of technology and connectivity, this changes a lot. These technological advancements have assisted some of the teachers to reach out to their communities and to become better in their profession. This technology has helped educators get new connections both within the classroom and even outside it. In addition to this, teachers have also had the opportunity of being supported and surrounded by their friends online through the use of ClassDojo.

ClassDojo is an app for communicating that is used in the environment of a classroom. It enhances the classroom by generating an affirmative atmosphere. This app allows students, teachers and their families to share important information such as messages, photos, and videos. This sharing makes the classroom and the surrounding environment strengthen their communication bond. In addition to this, it also informs the parents and the community at large about what’s happening in school. Moreover, It assists teachers in coming up with vital life saving skills such as teamwork and empathy. Perhaps the most important aspect about the communication platform is that it assists in making the classroom a supportive and affirmative space for the students, teachers and the community as a whole.

ClassDojo includes an online worldwide community that involves quite a number of teachers. The platform has managed to impact various lives in excellent ways. The online education platform uses Twitter and Linkedin to brainstorm new methods of boosting and exploiting technology within the environment of the classroom. In addition to this, the users of the platform also get insightful feedback. Issues such as students who don’t speak English eloquently or even visually impaired students can all be discussed and shared on ClassDojo. As a result, teachers are able to get helpful technological solutions as to how they can handle them. Moreover, they also come up with new methods of how to solve challenging issues in the classroom environment. Teachers can also have conferences which enhance the communication aspect.

Brazil’s Rally Icon, Rodrigo Terpins, Unmatched Performance

Rodrigo Terpins is a renowned entrepreneur who is famous for his passion for rally track driving. Rodrigo Terpins possesses certain similarities with his father, Jack Terpins, as they are passionate about sports. As Rodrigo Terpins drives rally tracks, Jack Terpins dedicates his time to playing basketball. Under the guidance of his father, Rodrigo attained outstanding attributes that contribute to his achievements in rally car competitions. Rodrigo’s particular characteristics include dedication, as well as, interest among others. Recently, Rodrigo participated in the Bull Sertoes Rally competition where he demonstrated his exclusiveness. The 22nd edition of the match held in Brazil required the competitors to cover 2,600 kilometers within seven phases. Nevertheless, there were particular unavoidable adversities associated with the competition. Despite the challenges, Rodrigo Terpins alongside Fabricio Bianchini endeavored to complete the race in a perfect position. You can visit creativetreets.com



Different elements contributed to the success of Rodrigo Terpins during the Bull Sertoes Rally. Rodrigo possessed a sophisticated car model #326, which had attained promising results. Rodrigo Terpins postulates that the tests performed on his vehicle were perfect making the car flexible to ride. Given the sophistication of Rodrigo’s truck, Bianchini alongside Rodrigo Terpins finished the race at position eight among thirty-eight other competitors. Additionally, Rodrigo was applauded for leading the Prototype T1 category. Rodrigo Terpins attaches his success in sports to not only his father but also his brother Michael Terpins. Now, Michael Terpins is the pioneer of the Cross Country Rally Championships in Brazil. Michael influenced Rodrigo Terpins’ achievements in rally car driving when he sailed for him in the vehicles.


Additionally, Michael Terpins encouraged Rodrigo at different times nurturing his profession as a rally driver. Rodrigo’s interests on speed and off-road driving pushed him towards taking part in various competitions. Since Rodrigo’s participation in the Bull Sertoes Rally, Rodrigo has taken part in five matches in the curriculum, with Michael participating in nine rallies. Rodrigo’s experience compelled him to establish the Sertoes Contest where he has been leading as the pilot for four seasons. As a member of the Bull Sertoes Rally, Rodrigo Terpins has accumulated multiple victories in the main Brazil championships rallies.

What Makes Robert Ivy A Master Architect?

To be globally recognized as a master architect you must possess some traits and expertise that is incomparable among the world’s greatest architects. Being the EVP and Chief Executive Officer at the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Robert Ivy has been an ambassador of the architecture profession and his passion towards publicizing and dispensing knowledge about the profession has earned him several awards that have crowned his professional and individual achievements. He is an established author, writer and consequently a commentator on issues to do with architecture globally.

Recently, Robert Ivy joined the short list of the likes of writer Shelby Foote, artist Walter Anderson, writer Eudora Welty, singer Leontyne Price and actor Morgan Freeman who has been distinguished and accorded honor as Mississippians who have done excellent work in their lifetime. He happens to be the first architect honoree to join the list thus making this award very important and crucial to him and the whole of architectural industry especially AIA. The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to architect by Nancy LaForge who is the President of Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL).

The renowned architect has contributed much in enhancing the development of art and making architecture even more accessible to the members of the general public hence taking his rightful place in the Polk Award. Robert Ivy has been the CEO of AIA since 2011 and the institute has seen major developments and achievements within his years of service. Being a blueprint of how an architectural institute should be, AIA has registered the highest membership number since its inception around 160 years ago. It has enabled practicing architects around the globe to have choice knowledge in architecture through its well established seven branches and chapters across the globe including China and Canada.

Every organization that Ivy has served has saluted him for the kind of achievement he left behind. Prior to joining AIA, Robert Ivy was serving at McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record as the Editor-in-Chief. In his tenure, Architectural Record became the most publicized architectural journal globally. Of course, this attracted several awards like General Excellence Award by National Magazine. He is recognized to have helped the establishment of McGraw-Hill in China and Middle East where he established a new version of Architectural Record.

Prior to joining architect career, Robert Ivy served in the U.S Navy. He studied at The University of the South, Sewanee for his BA in English and later joined Tulane University for his Master Degree in Architecture. He has been recognized as a Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi for his outstanding architectural designs and Dean’s Medal from the University Of Arkansas Fay Jones School Of Architecture.