The Link Between Malcolm Casselle and Cryptocurrency

What is Wax

Wax is a new blockchain platform for trading virtual assets. WAX is an acronym for Worldwide Asset eXchange. The platform, which is currently undergoing development, is aimed at solving a variety of issues in the virtual asset market. OPSkins, the company for which Malcolm Casselle serves as CIO, is the creator of WAX. Due to the fact that OPSkins is the leading company of in-game virtual asset sales in addition to the leading bitcoin merchant, internationally, the move to develop their own platform should prove over time to be a sound investment.

Malcolm Casselle

Malcolm Casselle is both the CIO of OPSkins and President of WAX. He honed his skills in the technological sector for many years and previously served as both the President and CTO of Tronc. At Tronc, Malcolm Casselle leveraged digital assets in order to create opportunities for the rapid growth of Tronc. During his time working for companies, such as Tronc, Casselle has also played the role of an advisor. Casselle was an advisor for numerous companies, some of which include Sensay, DirecTech Labs, VOTOCAST, and Bringhub.

Malcolm Casselle, who holds degrees in Computer Science from both the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University, has had many years of experience with startups and ventures that underwent acquisitions. He has also led startups in the digital industry, startups such as MediaPass. These companies have diversified Casselle’s portfolio and skills, which he has been able to utilize in his latest ventures.

Malcolm Casselle actively invests in companies. Previously he has invested in companies such as Facebook and Zynga. Since his co-founding of PCCW, a Hong Kong-based telecom company that is currently valued at over $35 billion, Malcolm Casselle has accomplished a lot throughout his career. Much like with a variety of other companies, Casselle served as an advisor to the CEO of PCCW prior to leaving for other ventures.

NetPicks Advice on Simple Trading for Positive Results

A while ago, Forex trading was viewed as a complex field and one that required a considerable experience to witness its fruits. However, thanks to the likes of NetPicks, the notion has been turned around, people now understand the field and are living to enjoy the daily opportunities in place. Today, most individuals can see their income grow through forex trading.  Read more on

Recently, NetPicks posted an article stating that investors should try simple trading for better results. According to the report, simple trading is not about randomly putting on trade and expecting better results. Instead, it should be about a simple strategy with an edge and controlled risks. The worrying thing is that traders overlook simple trading not knowing the potential it holds.

The trading decisions are derived from factors such as news releases, trading indicators, trading forums. The signs can be of help, but at times they can result in information overload thus resulting in negative productivity. NetPicks advised that traders should delete the additional trading indicators to allow consistency which is the key to positive results, check

According to NetPicks, traders should be in a position to understand the trading ranges as well as breakouts and momentum because they are needed in making the correct decisions. However, NetPicks went ahead to indicate that the results of the previous trade can influence the decision to delete the unnecessary trade indicators. That is, if you used the excess you used all the information provided by the chart or not, based on the outcome, you could decide to remain consistent by utilizing the same indicators to avoid information overload.

About NetPicks

NetPicks is a celebrated trade advisor that has been in the industry since 1996 hence well placed to understand the market trends. The platform has been on the forefront in providing education about forex trading. NetPicks has its headquarters in Irving, Texas managed by Mark Soberman, its founder.

Mark and his team of talented staff continue to provide traders with insights about the forex trading hence boosting their financial strength as well as knowledge. The company’s systems are easy to comprehend therefore quickening the decision making processes. NetPicks is dedicated to remaining on the client’s side in every step of the way hence staying the most sought-after forex advisor.

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Nick Vertucci The Real Estate Expert Just Released His Long-Awaited Book

Nick Vertucci is a real estate expert, entrepreneur, and author of his new book, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed,” which deals with his own story about how he lost all he had and how he bounced back instead of giving up. The book has been purchased over a thousand times, and it is getting five star reviews on Amazon.

Nick recently commented on the fact that he lost everything he had built in his computer tech business and that he went on to make quite a few mistakes in real estate in the beginning, as well. He worked through his own depression and self-doubt and decided to begin training in real estate. Over time, he developed the mental fortitude and character he would need to be successful in the real estate world, and, now, he is hoping that what he shares in his book, can be of help to others who are searching for a way to succeed in real estate.

Nick Vertucci is glad to have Lioncrest Publishing carry his book that covers the basic steps he took to get to a place where he is financially free. The book is 350 pages long, and while it is a rags-to-riches story, it is also a story that illustrates how someone can fall after already having found success only to climb back and find it again. Nick Vertucci didn’t have any capital to start out with, and he had no education that would help in the real estate industry before he got started. But, as others have taken notice of, he was a success twice in two different industries. It took him a decade of learning about the real estate industry and becoming involved in it before he became the millionaire he is today.

Nick Vertucci is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA). At the Academy, countless people from all over the United States come to learn about how to make good money through investing in real estate. His father passed away when he was just 10 years old, and his mother struggled to make ends meet after this. Vertucci, himself, moved into his van at the age of 18 but then put together a business that focused on the sales of computer accessories. This did very well for him until the 2000 dot com crash, which caused him to lose everything, including his home.

When asked how he spends most of his days, he commented that every day is different but that he spends a lot of his time staying in touch with his teams who are usually on the move all over the United States. He also expressed the fact that he works hard to not get caught up in any kind of personal or business drama and stays focused on the task at hand.

Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is an investor in energy and natural resources. Mr. Matt believes that investing in natural resources such as oils, gases, and minerals can bring significant changes to the world. He specializes in resource-based investments. He utilizes most of his time to travel to various places to analyze natural resources and come up with best investment strategies. He has traveled to areas such as Papua, Hong Kong, Iraq, Singapore, Haiti, Switzerland and New Guinea.

Matt meets with bosses of big companies that deal with natural resources to discuss and analyze the best geological tactics that can be employed when investing. His education and massive experience allow him to come up with the most promising strategies. He is a firm believer in drafting and sizing up investments methods and situations before capitalizing on them. Follow Matt Badiali on

Matt Badiali studied his bachelor’s degree in sciences at Penn University. He later proceeded to Florida Atlantic University to study his master of science in geology. Matt enrolled in a Ph.D. program where he spent time working on it. He did not complete the program as he got into finance in the year 2004. He was introduced by his friend who wanted to partner with him to invest. They aimed at coming up with investment advice that would benefit all average investors in the country. Matt grew into an advice resource as his advice helped his followers gain tremendously from their investments.

Matt Badiali contributes his investment advice in Banyan Hill Publishing. Banyan Hill Publishing is one of the most resourceful investment publishers in the country. The site has more than 40000 followers. These followers depend on the contributions from the experts and specialists who come up with tips that enable the readers to identify investment opportunities that are promising. Banyan Hill Publishing majorly concentrates on income-generating investments, deeply undervalued companies in the United States, small and mid-cap stocks, commodities and natural resources. Follow Matt on Medium.

The site was launched in 1998, and its fame spread widely. It won a name as a worldwide organization that focuses on investment and resource protection. It was founded as The Sovereign Society. Banyan Hill enlightens its readers with valuable information on United States dollar diversification, international business corporations, offshore bank accounts, private foundations, asset protection trusts, global investment methods and second citizenship. It also provides its followers with essential tips that guide them on how to maintain ones’ privacy, particularly on personal and financial matters.


Talos Energy Gives People a Chance for Successful Energy Options

Talos Energy knew there were things they could do that would help them continue growing. They also knew things would change based on all the opportunities they had in front of them. Since the company knew how to help people, they felt good about giving them different options. It was something they always wanted to do and something they knew a lot about so they kept doing it in every way possible. While the company spent a lot of time learning about how they could help, they also spent a lot of time showing people what would happen if they did everything the right way.

There were times when Talos Energy had to make choices for success. No matter what issues people faced or what they did to get to that point, Talos Energy felt good about it. They felt there was a chance for success no matter what things people were doing. By providing everyone with a chance to make more money and make things better, Talos Energy was setting themselves apart. There are no other energy companies that do the same thing as Talos Energy because of how hard they work on their own. It’s their goal of helping that always pays off for them.

Depending on how hard the company works, they know what they need to make sure people get everything that helps them. They also know how everyone will see a positive difference in the business if they follow all the opportunities Talos Energy put into place. It is a positive way for the company to keep growing even if they don’t have the chances to change things the way others might.

There were times when Talos Energy had to make choices that would have an impact on the way they did things forever. These changes all made sense to them because they spent so much time learning about how to make the changes. It also made sense to them to try and help people understand the energy and where it came from. If people could see the hard work Talos Energy put into everything, they’d have a better idea of what the company was doing for success. It makes sense for Talos Energy to keep doing this so people see everything the business has. No matter what happens with Talos Energy, people see the company as something they can rely on in different situations. To know more about the company click here.

Avaaz a global organization that has been making a difference in people’s life

Avaaz what frequently people refer to a “movement” is a non-profit organization. In 2007 that’s when Ricken Patel founded Avaaz. From the time it was established things have changed because it has become a progressive thing globally and the society highly publicizes the group. The main branch of Avaaz is based in the United States, but it has over thirty offices around the nation. It’s an organization that is member driven which will be more concerned with the rights of humans, pollution, climate change and the changes that politics make that are positive. They will not accept funding from the large companies, that’s why they will maintain the position that they have as grassroots activism.

Nonetheless, they have like 40 million supporters that over the years have been able to raise the $20million that’s why the operations and programs have been able to run smoothly. With the focus that they have and the awareness program, Avaaz has never been a dearth of opportunities to do the activism work. Some organizations have been involved with Avaaz from the time it started and some along the way like, and the services employee union. They have brought so many things to the group like the public policy advocacy with the goals that they will have good governance.

Avaaz has this process that is unique, and that is being member oriented to help in deciding on which global issues they can claim as the next campaign they can handle. They use the polls and emails so that to send to 10,000 members the member suggestions so that to be able to assess the extent of interest on the particular issues that they are considering making their next campaign. Once they decide on a cause, they will be strategies that will be set so that to know how they can move forward next. There was a time they could not get the attention that they needed from World Health Organization so Avaaz had to think of ways they would get their attention and Avaaz used the herd in cardboard pigs so that they could accept investigating the matters concerning swine flu.


Mike Baur’s Shares Knowledge for Entrepreneurs Receiving Investments for Startups

The startup process involves raising capital for the investment of an early-stage company. Typically, the investment is made without a large amount of the founders’ own contribution. A startup also requires a substantial amount of capital during the growth phases. However, not all startups are successful with raising the capital needed. Many entrepreneurs question how to recognize if they possess the right ideas that are going to be lucrative for investors.


Swiss Startup Factory is a privately funded company and was founded by Mike Baur in 2015. Mike currently serves as managing partner and chairman. Prior to founding the company, he was a highly prominent investment banker in Zurich. He later became a board member of a prominent Zurich bank. The experience led Mike to discover his true passion, which is helping entrepreneurs find their authentic potential in order to thrive in business as a startup.


Swiss Startup Factory has a 10-week accelerator program for entrepreneurs to focus on the business execution of a startup by using a 360-degree investment method. For investors looking for a lucrative investment, Swiss Startup Factory is considered to have a business model that has an interface with exceptional innovation.


According to Mike, an essential part of having a successful startup is through networking with other entrepreneurs and sharing business ideas. Mike says, “Ideas should always be shared. When you talk to [other entrepreneur’s] you may transfer the passion to them, suddenly you have a team that achieves much more.”


For Mike, passion is his work. At only 42 years of age, it has been a key element to his ongoing entrepreneurial and business venture success. He says that the networking of thoughts and ideas are enormously important to an entrepreneur’s longevity with a startup. Through the process of networking and sharing, entrepreneurs gain a different perspective that would not be available without the valuable feedback.


Another part of the startup process is with the acceptance of things that go wrong. Whether it’s with financing, the team, or the product, entrepreneurs need to be able to handle setbacks. Mike says that the first thing to do is to get back up. The next thing to do is to analyze the situation to learn from it.


Mike says that even if an entrepreneur goes in the wrong direction and fails, it becomes an opportunity. “Everyone has to go through [failure],” says Mike. His belief is that the success is within the failure, and success will only come after the lessons have been learned.


Jose Hawilla




Jose Hawilla: Key Qualities Of Successful Entrepreneurs


Are you in need of quality business education or advice? Want to know how things work in the business world? Jose Hawilla and other successful entrepreneurs possess certain charactersistics that enable them to achieve success in any area they get into.


Jose Hawilla is a highly regarded individual and one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil.


Getting into the investment field or starting your own business is not something to be taken lightly. Although there are many ways to go about accomplishing that, you need to follow a proven path to success. That’s why many entrepreneurs and ambitious people learn about Hawilla and his business success.


Jose Hawilla is a reputable businessman and is well known around the world. Jose Hawilla believes in honesty, integrity and transparency when dealing with others. He also encourages his associates and partners to be transparent and fair in their dealings with other people.


In business, it’s extremely important to plan properly before implementing any process. It is absolutely necessary to be prepared to deal with any situation that may occur as you pursue entrepreneurship. When a project fails, you need to look for alternative route to accomplish your objective.


Jose Hawilla makes it a priority to change his strategy and keep on track until he reaches his goal. Jose Hawilla takes appropriate steps to deal with setbacks or obstacles and looks for a way to correct his mistake.


Successful people stress that lack of preparation and planning often leads to failure. It is crucial that you listen to Jose Hawilla and other successful people, learn from their mistakes and successes and then keep focused on your ultimate goal. Check out



Jose Hawilla encourages both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs to learn what works and what doesn’t, and then implement successful strategies. It is imperative to have a good understanding of the industry you’re interested in and follow advice of reliable business consultants.


You may even want to have a mentor like Jose Hawilla or get a business coach who can walk you through the steps to achieving success in your endeavor.



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