How Paul Mampilly Helps Regular People Make Money Through Investing

There is a rather popular investment newsletter, Profits Unlimited, which has helped about 80,000 people make a lot of money from their investments. It is published by Banyan Hill Publishing and its editor is Paul Mampilly, a veteran of Wall Street who once managed multi-billion dollar hedge funds. Growing weary of making money for people with already far too much money, not to mention the endless hustle and bustle of Wall Street life, he decided to retire from all of that and instead live a life where he provided his expert advice to Main Street investors looking to make a lot of money investing their hard-earned dollars. Visit the website to learn more.

Paul Mampilly also edits another financial newsletter called Extreme Fortunes. This is more targeted towards novice investors while Profits Unlimited is for a bit more experienced investors. Both Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited are paid membership advisory services which send out regular newsletter-style emails so that people can get the most up to date information about what Paul Mampilly’s research shows to be the next great opportunity to invest in. In addition to explaining why he believes a company is a great investment opportunity he also lays out the investment strategies one should take and projects how each investment ought to do.


The newsletters that Paul Mampilly offers have two different subscription levels. The first level is just $47 a year and subscribers received the digital version of either Profits Unlimited or Extreme Fortunes. The deluxe subscription meanwhile, at $129 a year, is $129 a year. For this you get both the digital and print version of one of these publications. Even better, he offers a one year refund policy so that if someone feels they aren’t getting their money’s worth they can call in to the customer service department and get their money back for the cost of the subscriptions.

Since launching Profits Unlimited in early 2016, Paul Mampilly’s picks in this publication have done really well. The returns for some of the companies he has recommended as wise investment choices have achieved returns of 56%, 64%, and 73%. One even returned an amazing 235%. Not every stock he recommends has had returns like this, of course, as nobody has the knowledge to always make money picking stocks (and if they did they would keep that info to themselves). Nonetheless, people who have used his advice have mostly really done well and have set themselves up for great retirements. Learn more about Paul Mampilly at Crunbchbase.

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