Compromise for Staff Incentives by Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein

For a company to create a stable environment for employees, there are factors to consider. In the process of weighing such factors, a lot is at stake. Challenges must be faced and dealt with. That is why Jeremy Goldstein is keen on issuing advice regarding compromise when it comes to employee’s salaries and rewards. Jeremy practices in New York City. He has vast experience in law, business management and handling economic situations. Recently, he wrote a piece on how companies can evade economic hazards by using EPS. Jeremy said that Earnings Per Share has progressively, been used by companies to reward stakeholders.


Background Data


Jeremy Goldstein has first-hand experience when it comes to dealing with such situations. He says that incentives for employees and stakeholders face threats in one way or the other. Since he has worked in numerous organizations, he is well aware of this situation and issues advice on how to salvage the situation. According to Jeremy Goldstein, EPS is an influencer in most corporations. It should, therefore, be noted that stakeholders sell and buy shares depending on the rates of EPS. In numerous studies, companies implement the EPS practice to gain more clients and be successful in the end.


Earnings Per Share


While Earnings Per Share come with numerous benefits for corporations, some chief executive officers can take advantage of the situation by cashing in big. This is considered illegal and unethical. Considering the nature of the stock market, EPS can add unfair advantages to such leaders.


Debates on EPS


The industry has debates regarding EPS and its application. Most individuals consider the practice unnecessary. Others, who support EPS like Jeremy Goldstein, say that compromise is the way forward. Jeremy Goldstein believes that EPS can be administered successfully. Jeremy added that leaders who misuse EPS should be held responsible. This is to stop malpractices. To Jeremy, this is a better option as the practice will continue. Learn more:




Jeremy Goldstein is an experienced lawyer. He works as a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. This is a boutique firm committed to offering advice to compensation committees, management teams, corporations and business managers. Jeremy covers transformative corporate events in addition to sensitive situations.


Additional Information


From the onset of his career, Jeremy has practised in multiple firms including Wachtell, Rosen, and Katz in addition to Lipton. He made major, groundbreaking financial transactions in his capacity as a head cheerleader. He also has strong academic credentials. The alumnus of New York University holds a degree in law. He also attended Cornell University for an undergraduate course. Not only is he a role model but also a legal advisor and business professional. Jeremy is a competent lawyer who utilizes his talent to assist corporations to achieve their objectives.


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