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Betsy Devos was appointed the Secretary of the Department of Education with the election of President Trump. Education has always been an area that was important to Ms. Devos, and she often donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to change policies in the Michigan educational system.


Both Dick and Betsy Devos come from respected families that were successful in business, government, education, and philanthropy. They have continued this successful family trend in their careers in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and this couple has reportedly donated over $200 million to date for specific charities and political venues.


Ms. Devos learned to be politically polite while debating and discussing issues concerning her interests in Michigan, but she has proven to be a fighter for her causes. In her career before accepting the position in the Trump administration, she had been a leading advocate of charter schools with school vouchers in Michigan.


When Trump made the decision to rescind the Federal policy permitting transgender students to use the bathroom of their gender identities during school hours, Betsy DeVos strategically met with employees in the Education Department who were transgender and gay to prepare for Trump’s decision. By using this kind of strategic action, she prepares the pathway for new decisions within the government substructure.


As a billionaire in the Republican party, Ms. DeVos is driven, relentless, and a political fighter who typically wins what she goes after. She has used her family’s fortune and from her husband’s accomplishments to contribute to her social projects. Ms. Devos has always worked diligently to pass legislation that change corporations to follow a conservative path. As a leader in the state Republican party, and now in the Federal government structure, she knows how to use funds to reward those who align with her proposals.


Betsy Devos does not have experience in working within the educational field; her experience is in supporting the proposals and agencies that manage the educational system. She also has no experience in working with the Republican party or with Trump for the same reasons, but because of her tenacity and diligence, she is expected to learn the ropes as Secretary very quickly.


Randi Weingarten, the leader of the American Federation of Teachers, knows Ms. Devos and says there is a “real tendency to underestimate her” because of her polite mannerisms. She is opinionated and shares those opinions openly; she is not a force to reckon with. Betsy ran for governor of Michigan in 2006 but did not win. Her stance on the school system in Michigan has focused on opposing public schools and encouraging charter schools. Learn more:


Today, Detroit’s public schools have the lowest level of education in the country, and the city has the most charter schools in the nation, but most are not run well, so education in Michigan is deteriorating. Mrs. Devos developed the Great Lakes Education Project to oppose new legislation, and she has told reporters that she believes all public schools should be closed. This is an extravagant point of view for a conservative Republican, but at 59, she holds her position.

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