Dr. Jennifer Walden and Her Passion for Health

Excellence comes from a constant and unceasing dedication to quality service. It is the power to touch lives. It is the desire to serve the humanity and to create more modest ways of earning a living without transferring the risk to someone else. This belief is what shapes the entire philosophy and work ethic of the plastic surgeon Jennifer Walden.

Passion for Excellence

Dr. Jennifer’s passion for high quality and excellent service may have come from the fact that she was the salutatorian among her graduates at the University of Texas Medical Branch located in Galveston. It is this continuous search and passion for excellent service that got her to continue working on a lot of projects. After completing an aesthetic fellowship course in plastic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat hospital, Dr. Jennifer started pursuing a long career in the practice of plastic surgery in New York City before returning to where she was born back in 2011.

It is also Dr. Jennifer’s passion for quality work that drove her to write a book on the plastic surgery methods in modern times. The book is called Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, which is a reference book guide for anyone wanting to pursue the profession.

For eight years now, Jennifer Walden focuses on the many aesthetic sectors of plastic surgery. With extensive practice in rhinoplasties, facelifts, eyelid enhancements and augmentations, she has now built under her name a reputation for high-quality service for all her clients.

Dr. Jennifer also prides in the fact that there’s not a lot of women doctors who pursue plastic surgery today and yet she still pushes on. She desires to go for excellent work that also made her want to be a plastic surgeon even if not many women want to tackle the path track.

With more than 8,100 board-certified plastic surgeons working in the industry today, 851 of them are female, and that makes it even more impressive to see that Dr. Walden pushes on with her degree.

Truly, it is the desire to help other people in the best possible manner possible that pushed Jennifer Walden, a doctor based in Austin, Texas, to be the best plastic surgeon that she is.

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