Neurocore’s Drive to Improve Mental Health and Tackle Depression

Neurocore was founded in 2004. It specializes in training programs and data focused brain assessments in both children and adults. Its goal is to improve sleep, concentration and manage stress levels of people. Neurocore has nine brain performance centers in Michigan and Florida. Neurocore Brain Performance centers believe that a brain is not hard-wired. Therefore, it can be made healthy through exercises at Neurocore. They identify where their client’s brain is too fast or too slow then train the brain to function at the appropriate speed. Neurocore Brain Performance centers focus on neuroscience. Their work is based on brain data acquired over ten years. That ensures their clients receive improved brain performance.

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Neurocore Brain Performance centers advise clients on the different types of depression that cause various symptoms. The kind of depression depends on the effect on the brain. Life events or chemical imbalance are examples of causes of depression. Depression can last for a short time *or last a lifetime. The main types of depression identified by Neurocore Brain Performance centers include major depression, persistent depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, and psychotic depression among others.


Major depression is characterized by weight loss or gain, feeling worthless or guilty, trouble making decisions and concentrating among others. The persistent depressive disorder can be identified when a person has had major depression for two years. Feeling up then feeling depressed is the primary symptom of the Bipolar disorder. The seasonal affective disorder appears when seasons change. Psychotic depression includes paranoia, delusions, and hallucinations. Neurocore Brain Performance centers inform clients on how to help people with depression. Some methods used are listening to, laughing with, encouraging and empowering people with depression.

Neurocore Brain Performance centers believe that a person’s diet can determine mental health. That is reinforced by a study whose results showed that a Mediterranean diet could get rid of some conditions including, depression, heart problems, and mental health. According to Neurocore Brain Performance centers, a Mediterranean diet preserves proteins located in the brain that defends against depression and other ailments. Neurocore goes further and guides people on the ingredients they should use to cook their food to ensure it is healthy and boosts their immune system. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

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