Sentient AI – Conversion Rate Optimization

Data causes more problems than it resolves. Artificial intelligence technology makes better decisions, working by analyzing, making connections, and finding patterns. Sentient AI has the ability to learn, allowing humans to make wiser decisions. Scalable AI allows customers to make better decisions, faster. We have to learn through massive amounts of data already in existence. Sentient AI allows to evolve solutions where none existed before. Patented solutions mimic biological evolution. Customers need their answers. We use visual and non-verbal interactions, which results in quickly delivered content. AI learns fast, also able to adapt. LEAF stands for Light Evolutionary Algorithm Framework. The Modern AI era has been enlightened by LEAF.

LEAF looks to apply previous academic work in the fields of investment, digital commerce, agriculture, and medical research. LEAF is run on scaled compute which can work semi-independently on individual CPU and GPU cores with simultaneous communication across many nodes. The AI begins to generate, then to decide on candidate agents or genes, to see which ones can be the solution-to the problem. Step 1 is about generation zero, step 2 is about training data, Step three is destruction and restarting the cycle. Sentient’s EC makes assessments in increments.

Sentient’s technology is inspired by how the human brain actually works, trying to cut to the core of what the user wants or prefers. This data relies on users’ intent rather than relying on text-based searches alone. Metadata results in a better customer experience with more relevant content involved. Intelligence based technology means that the system can actively intuit what a person wants to watch. Or for travel, finding what vacation package works best for the individual. Infrastructure connects 2 million CPU cores, and 5,000 GPU cards. This allows sentient to use computer resources in a different way.

Sentient labs, is where sentient builds, researches, and patents cutting edge AI technologies, working across disciplines. Sentient has made partners with many skilled research institutions while also having ten patents with more on the way. Deep learning helps sell Sentient Aware, which helps research focus on unlabelled datasets. Evolutionary computation allows for Sentient to mimic the principles of biological science. AI evolves, finding its own solutions, adapting, evolving, changing, as well as breeding better ideas. Sentient addresses three complex challenges, computing power, evolution scaled computing with access to hundreds of thousands of computer CPU cores, integrated EC with technology.

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