Imran Hague Shines in Internal Medicine

Dr. Imran Haque is a qualified medical doctor who specializes in internal medicine. His desire to start offering medical services to residents of Asheboro, Northern California was birthed as a result of the vacuum that he noticed in that area. Imran decided to provide the medical services that were not available within his locality. He says that he brings ideas to life by having proper financial means, hard work, thorough research and being diligent. The other key thing that has enabled him to succeed includes building symbiotic relationship and networking.

The level at which technology has brought lots of improvement in the medical field is something that excites Dr. Imran. There is centralization of information that makes it easy for medical professionals to offer services in real-time.

Dr. Imran believes that he is productive because he can multi-task. He maintains his performance as an entrepreneur by being cautious by people that he allows moving near him. He also gives a piece of advice to other entrepreneurs to respect all people regardless of whom they are. Dr. Imran ones faced a challenge of managing two businesses which were growing rapidly and needed his attention. He had to leave his textile business and concentrate on medicine because he was more knowledgeable in medicine.

About Dr. Haque

Dr. Imran is licensed and has an enrollment of maintenance of certification program for internal medicine to practice in North Carolina. He graduated from the University of Virginia and started working in the medical field; he has been for the last over 16 years. He provides medical care to residents of Asheboro and its surrounding. Among the services that offer includes Venus Body Contour, diabetes management, physical examination, weight management services, 360 resurfacing, and laser hair removal.

He is trusted by his customers who visit him as a primary care physician and specialized doctor. He diagnoses diseases and gives referrals when serving as a primary care physician. Dr. Imran is affiliated with Southeastern Regional Medical Center, Randolph Hospital, and Firsthealth Montgomery Memorial Hospital among others. He also works and affiliates with doctors from Horizon Internal Medicine a medical group.

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