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It is difficult to predict whom depression will affect. It is common among adult women although it cuts across the board. A large number of people with the condition do not seek medical assistance. Numerous campaigns have been conducted to destigmatize depression, increase awareness and encourage patients to get medical treatment. Let us review some facts about depression to get you started on the journey to understand the illness better.


Pinpointing the cause of depression is hard. Stressful changes in life can accelerate it including the death of close ones, abuse, divorce and financial difficulties among others. It may also be genetic. The most common types include major depression, persistent depression, and seasonal affective depression. You may not be aware you are depressed, as the symptoms may not appear at all.


Watch out for irregular sleep patterns, weight fluctuations, a general lack of drive, inability to focus and fatigue among numerous other symptoms. You could function normally in life, but you are burning up inside. Physical symptoms may manifest. These include headaches, hyperventilation and digestion issues among others. Similarly, brain function changes dramatically.


Depression is reported to be a major cause of suicide in the US. It is also the primary cause of disability preventing millions of people from achieving their potential. It costs companies billions of dollars in missed productivity and healthcare bills. Scientists are demanding more funding to understand the illness better. Depression is fully treatable. Neurofeedback therapy is a new innovative and non-invasive, alternative therapy option.


Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are dedicated to patients with mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, autism, migraines and stress among others. The firm has a presence in multiple locations in Florida and Michigan including Boca Raton, Grand Rapids, West Bloomfield, Grandville and West Palm Beach among others.


Neurocore provides technology-driven brain assessments and brain training. It is rapidly becoming an authority on applied neuroscience. Neurocore helps people improve their focus, fight mental conditions and stress, and improve their quality of sleep. The experience involves brain diagnostics and brain performance testing to create a personalized therapy strategy based on the individual brain data.

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