The business and philanthropy of James Dondero

As financial markets continue to improve so does the success and philanthropy of a certain Dallas entrepreneur. James Dondero and his investment firm Highland Capital Management have seen continued an impressive growth throughout the past year, all thanks to the support and dedication of his local community in Dallas.

Starting in 1993 James Dondero has seen a man success through his hard work and dedication at Highland Capital Management. The company now manages over 20 billion dollars of assets and provides free information and news about investing on its website. For Highland Capital Management the financial success of their clients is everything, and there is no better way to foster that success than to share some knowledge freely.

This strong commitment to the community has been the Cornerstone to his company’s continued success. While he is charitably active across the country, it’s clear that Dallas is where his heart is. In 2001 the Dallas Zoo unfortunately had to close its hippo exhibit, but thanks James Dondero’s support the hippo habitat is back. With a generous contribution of $1 million they were able to construct the Highland Capital Lodge, giving the next generation of zoo patrons a chance to visit the hippos once again.

In addition to being charitable with his money he has shared his time and experience with the city of Dallas. By partnering with the CEO of the Dallas Foundation Mary Jalonick, he has been able to seek out opportunity to focus his efforts and experience on smaller local charities in need of organizational support and consulting. This partnership has made it possible for a very busy person to remain charitable even at the smallest scale.

It’s not surprising that an investment manager is always looking toward the future in his endeavors. His ongoing commitment to education and the communities that he does business in comes as no surprise. It is clear that Dallas bright future ahead of itself thanks to the committed to work and charity of entrepreneurs and philanthropists like James Dondero.

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