The Effects of Skyrocketing Realty Costs on California Charities with Omar Yunes

A majority of charity institutions leverage grants and donations from the government and the public. However, when real estate costs in areas such as Los Angeles and San Francisco skyrocket dramatically every year, it poses a challenge to the existence of the remaining charities. Seemingly, this is an adverse problem on Californians due to various reasons. From medical services and tax help to childcare and adult job training assistance there are non-profit foundations for almost everything. These institutions help low-income individuals and families acquire items or services which they were previously unable to afford on their own.

Omar Yunes observes that when California charities face a forceful closure due to a rise in the rents, the individuals who rely on their profound services and products are forced to either pay for them on their own or go without these items. Moreover, rising real estate costs negatively affect consumers which creates a multifaceted financial problem for them.

Recently, Omar Yunes was the recipient of the Best Franchise of the Word (BFW) award in a competition held in Florence, Italy in 2015. Yunes, who is the franchisee of Shushi Itto, won the competition for his adept contributions to the brand. At age 21, Omar was the franchisee of this Japanese food chain and presently he owns 13 franchised units across Puebla, Mexico City, and Veracruz. The BFW competition featured attendees from 34 countries including; France, Portugal, Italy, Brazil, Hungary, Mexico, and Argentina.

Since opening his first franchise, Shushi Itto, Omar Yunes has expanded his business reach in Mexico. His ownership entails a dazzling 10 percent of the brand’s locations. Moreover, Yunes is pleased to join the real estate industry at such an exciting time. Omar Yunes has had the upper hand in marketing his products and possesses a substantial control of the food sector. His brand has produced more than 400 job opportunities through his 13 unit.

To be as successful and award winning as he is, Omar Yunes motivates his workers through proper remuneration to help in the realization of the corporate goal. Through Omar Yune’s able leadership, his franchise brand has managed to develop a strong, sustainable business network, working strategy, and culture, an efficient structure as well as an effective board to help implement business strategies.

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