Cassio Audi’s Amazing Music History

Cassio Audi is a business personnel and a musician from Brazil. Before starting his musical career, Audi was a real fan of rock music during its establishments. With that passion, Cassio together with his music colleagues Pet Passarell, Yves Passarell, Felipe Machado and Machado Andre co-founded their band in 1985.This team through cooperation brought improvements in their music career. Cassio usually kept himself busy with the band activities daily. The band’s musical inspiration mainly came from Iron Maiden and the British heavy metal music.

The group contributed in Cassio’s dream as a drummer at Viper Rock Music Band. Not only was he a drummer but also helped the band in composing and marketing songs. Audi ensured he saw the group through receiving airplay. They performed at different stages with incredible staged performances. The band rocked the industry with hits such as princess from Hell, Nightmare, and Kilera among other major hits.

The band members decided to extend their career beyond Brazil. They performed in America and Europe. The band released their first album, Soldiers of Sunset, in 1987 with the help of Cassio’s talent in song writing. The Soldiers of Sunset album received a four-star by Allmusic. The album gave the band success recognizing them into the musical stardom of rock. Viper Band was unique and marketable from other Brazilian bands as they also sang in English. Their second album, Theater of Fate, was launched in 1989. The album stamped Audi as an amazing composer and an astute lyricist.

After Theater of Fate album, Cassio joined Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo where he graduated with a business administration degree He received an MBA in Finance from the University of Sao Paulo. Cassio is still well- known in the rock music industry. He uses his creative mind in his musical business. He was entirely dedicated to his musical career before joining the business globe.

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