Desiree Perez Makes Roc Nation Better

Desiree Perez has certainly been a very interesting person to follow when it comes to her work with Roc Nation. She has become the excellent contract negotiator that Jay-Z needed to bring Roc Nation to light. This is a huge company that actually caters to the needs of singers, athletes and other artists that are bringing their talents to Roc Nation. Jay-Z is getting his hands in everything as far as concerts, music, sports and television. He needed someone that would be able to really get a lot of deals finalized so that his roster of talent could work. He needed someone that was going to be able to really do something great with the contracts. That is why he put Desiree Perez in place.

He knew that she could help Roc Nation become great because she could get great contracts for the artist and athletes.When someone is a place to get good contract deals going it is going to be much easier to acquire a good line of talent. More people were interested in coming to Roc Nation because Desiree Perez was there. People that were on the outside looking in knew that this was going to be the place that they needed to get to because she was going to get them the best deals.

She is a powerful business woman that is going to bring her “A” game to the table every time that she is negotiated. That is what people want when they are looking for a representative to get them a contract.Desiree has definitely managed to impress music artists like Shakira and Rihanna. She has also impressed many people with her negotiation skills as well. Desiree Perez is definitely a great addition to Roc Nation, and Jay-Z is lucky to have found her.

Michel Terpins Is Competing In The Bull’s Sertoes Rally With The Amazing T-Rex

The 25th edition of the Bull’s Sertoes Rally is the country’s biggest off-road event ever and encompasses 3,300 km of road. The three states included in the rally include Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso, and Goias. Michel Terpins along with his navigator Maykel Justo are #322 of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. The Autodromo Internacional de Goiânia is the home of the support park.

Michel Terpins is in his second consecutive year with his distinct off-road trajectories in the T1 Prototype category. MEM Motorsport developed the T-Rex although the car has been modified to make it more competitive and powerful. The Sertoes is considered the most anticipated event of the year and the most enjoyable. Due to the unique daily challenges, anything can happen in this event. Michel Terpins believes his car is very robust, has been incredibly well prepared, and has a lot of faith in the V8 engine with ethanol.

Michel Terpins is competing for the tenth time and his original debut was in 2022 in the motorcycle category. His piloting of T-Rex has been revolutionized and his navigator is already the recipient of four titles with a decade of experience at the Sertoes Rally. Michel Terpins is the current leader in Prototypes T1 at the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship. The national ranking for championship is dependent on the first two stages. He participated with his navigator at the RN 1500 for Rio Grande do Norte and proved the excellent performance of the car.

The 25 edition of the rally has 3.300.06 kilometers and the timed sections account for 1,999.52 of them. Michel Terpins will go through four cities in Goias including Aruana, Santa Therezinha de Goiás, Goianésia, and Goiania. They will additionally pass through three cities in Mato Grosso do Sul including Bonito, Aquidauana, and Coxim. The competition will include UTVs, quadricycles, and motorcycles as they race for the Prologue.

Several years ago, the brothers used their passion for speed in the formation of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Both drivers had raced the T-Rex for four seasons at the Sertoes Rally. They additionally participated in the Cross-Country Rally for the Brazilian Championship and the Mitsubishi Cup.


Here’s Exactly How Banco Bradesco’s 21st Century Dreams Came To Fruition, Jumpstarted Thanks To Luiz Carlos Trabuco, Its President Since 2009

Recently as 2017 named the 24th-most powerful person in the country of Brazil, which has a whopping population of 207-odd million people, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a long-standing employee of the financial institution Banco Bradesco, having served the South American national banking organization for a nearly unfathomable forty-eight years.

Public knowledge of Mr. Trabuco proliferated in the summer months of 2015. In August of that year just two years ago, he moved Bradesco forward in negotiations with global conglomerate HSBC Holdings to purchase every single one of its Brazilian banking locations, equipment, and other assets.

Banco Bradesco was started in March 10th, 1943 in Marília, Brazil, coincidentally where future Brazilian banking giant Luiz Carlos Trabuco would be born just eight and a half years later, in October 6th, 1951. Amador Aguiar had a dream to offer financial services to the small town of Marília, which only had about 40,000 inhabitants at the time. In particular, Mr. Aguiar was interested in serving the average Brazilian living in rural areas, including landowners with small plots of land – farmers and owners of regular residential property, alike – people who worked for the local metropolitan government that also lived in São Paulo – called Paulistans, by the way – and retail store owners. Luiz Carlos Trabuco would soon work for Banco Bradesco, by the ripe young age of 18. But how did he turn an entry-level position as a clerk, performing the same duties as a bank teller, into being the leader of Bradesco?

Luiz Carlos Trabuco kicked off his career by graduating high school at an exceptionally young age. Within days of graduation, he applied for and was accepted into the University of São Paulo. He had to travel an astounding 5 hours and 30 minutes on Brazil’s highways to simply enter the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere, São Paulo, which Luiz did because of the objectively large amount of opportunity in the metropolitan area.

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Mr. Trabuco worked towards a degree from the departments of Sciences, Letters, and Philosophy, deciding to earn his first college degree in the latter of the three fields of study – Philosophy. Despite the fact that an undergraduate degree was more than enough to firmly establish one’s self in the working world, Luiz Carlos Trabuco hadn’t had enough of college yet. His next educational endeavor involved a graduate certificate in Socio-Psychology from yet another school in São Paulo. First majoring in Philosophy, then capping his academic tenure with the study of Socio-Psychology tremendously beefed up his people skills, one of the most important skills a person should have when working in financial services.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco put these interpersonal communication skills to good use in 1969, landing a position at Bradesco’s hometown branch in Marília. Unlike many executives that are fed with the proverbial silver spoon from the ground up, it’s not difficult to tell that Mr. Trabuco earned his current position through hard work within and dedication to Banco Bradesco, never leaving the banking institution for one moment after he signed his first employment contract with the organization in the final year of the 1960s.

In 1971, Mr. Trabuco was able to work at Bradesco’s headquarters in São Paulo. For the next 13 years, he jumped around in various positions, finally landing as the Director of Marketing in 1984. Eight years following this life-changing promotion, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was then transferred to Bradesco’s price pension subsidiary as its Executive Director. In 1998, he became its President. One year later, in 1999, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was crowned as the Executive Vice President of another subsidiary – Bradesco’s insurance branch – in 2003 being named its President.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco then moved on to filling in the vacant Presidency role at Bradesco Seguros in 2003, six years later replacing ten-year President of Bradesco’s entire operations Márcio Cypriano. As the saying goes, the rest is history.

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Fabletics Rising to the Top with Reviews

You hear the commercials; you see the advertisements, all while wondering if the products are worth buying. We have all been there, but what often makes or breaks our decision on the purchase; are the reviews. Online reviews are what consumers trust most before taking the plunge into the purchase. One company that has significantly grown it’s success by over 200% due to the positive reviews is Fabletics. Fabletics is leveraging the power of the crowd through each and every positive review while increasing customer retention.


Studies have shown that 84% of people will trust online reviews as if it was a personal recommendation from a family member. Top consumer brands will take these reviews and feature them on their website. These companies have seen the most dramatic growth overall. The most recent study has shown the 33% of customers searched to compare prices on the product, meanwhile 65% of searches were for reviews of the products. Customers will buy a product based off of positive reviews rather than a price tag. Authentic reviews drive search rankings, more revenue, and repeat loyal customers especially when they are incorporated into your approach to a customer.


Companies are successful from reviews but what drives revenue the most is repeat customers. Fabletics is a company that loves their customers and takes the time to manage and respond to reviews which leaves customers feeling valued. Fabletics has 30,000 reviews on trust pilot with an average score of 8.2! With a company that focuses on customer reviews they are allowing the product to speak for itself.


Kate Hudson and her team have grown her startup company into a $250 million dollar company. Fabletics is a fashion forward athleisure brand that is empowering to women. Kate Hudson is heavily involved in her company from reviewing budgets to the design process. Kate makes sure all styles are new and exciting while staying on top of if a particular style is selling. Kate invests her time in products she believes are authentic and will last. Kate believes in her product and its easy to imagine that it is her go to wardrobe when she hits the gym or is out having a family fun day.


With a successful online company Kate has opened 22 retail stores and plans to open a dozen more stores this year! Fabletics uses a technology that collects data that allows customers to be matched with the perfect outfit for them. Join millions of happy customers and take the Lifestyle Quiz to find out which Fabletics gear is right for you today.

Sheldon Lavin, Business Titan and Family Man

Sheldon Lavin’s meat business career was built patiently and persistently. Lavin entered the sector over four decades back as a “outsider”. Since then, Lavin has become Chairman and CEO of the OSI Group, LLC and has changed the little, “McDonald’s focused” hamburger supplier into a global provider of food items to many different foodservice and retail manufacturers.

OSI Group numbers almost 20,000 employees internationally, and Lavin is most proud of their workers and the business culture he’s cultivated. The organization is highly family-oriented, and the work force is full of loyal employees who have been with the company for ages.

Lavin’s route to meat business success started in 1970 when he ordered funding for Otto & Sons, the predecessor firm of OSI Industries, LLC. Otto & Sons had an chance to construct a meat processing center and eventually become the Midwest provider of hamburgers to McDonald’s Corporation, but first they needed help to secure financing. Lavin was asked by the lender to have an ownership position in Otto & Sons, but he dropped since it was not exactly what he was used to in his consulting practice. Lavin, however, did consent to function as a consultant, after some concessions.

Now, at age 81, with the company having grown considerably in the intervening period, Lavin is not done working. He remains active in pursuing additional expansion for the OSI Group with special focus on Asia and Europe. He’s growing and diversifying the company, circling the planet and carrying the OSI brand abroad, all of the while maintaining a commitment to supporting the McDonald’s company (OSI is the greatest protein provider on the planet to the McDonald’s system.) Now, OSI has over 55 centers in 16 countries, supporting the growth of McDonald’s and other clients around the world.

Lavin lived with his wife until she died, and together they raised three wonderful kids, all of whom are married with kids of their own. He also very much believes that the workers of OSI are a part of his international extended family. After all, he is a family man.

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Time to Grab a Unique Business Opportunity by the Horns

Market America UnFranchise is a multi level marketing (MLM) company that began operations way back in 1992. The founders of the company had previously worked many years in the MLM world before starting this company. Today, the company has grown to become an internationally recognized brand selling a diverse group of products which include auto care, detergents, health and fitness products, cosmetics, water filters, website management etc. Market America UnFranchise is a unique business model that combines the best of the franchise as well no-franchised business models. Once you become a member you will be referred to as Unfranchise business owner. Business owners also have the option to sell stuff through online stores, which Market America UnFranchise will help set up.

As mentioned, one of the products Market America Unfranchise sells is health and wellness products. This is called the TLS Weight Loss solution which is based on changing people’s eating habits and behavior modification. The system uses a low glycemic weight loss program that customers actually enjoy following. As opposed to other weight loss programs where I tried it and left it, half way through. TLS Weight Loss uses a combination of shakes, nutritional bars, and a journal to help people like me to keep the pounds down. It is not that difficult to lose weight, but it is also about keeping the weight down. For those who are struggling with both, it is easy to find and buy Market America Unfranchise and their products online.


The Effects of Skyrocketing Realty Costs on California Charities with Omar Yunes

A majority of charity institutions leverage grants and donations from the government and the public. However, when real estate costs in areas such as Los Angeles and San Francisco skyrocket dramatically every year, it poses a challenge to the existence of the remaining charities. Seemingly, this is an adverse problem on Californians due to various reasons. From medical services and tax help to childcare and adult job training assistance there are non-profit foundations for almost everything. These institutions help low-income individuals and families acquire items or services which they were previously unable to afford on their own.

Omar Yunes observes that when California charities face a forceful closure due to a rise in the rents, the individuals who rely on their profound services and products are forced to either pay for them on their own or go without these items. Moreover, rising real estate costs negatively affect consumers which creates a multifaceted financial problem for them.

Recently, Omar Yunes was the recipient of the Best Franchise of the Word (BFW) award in a competition held in Florence, Italy in 2015. Yunes, who is the franchisee of Shushi Itto, won the competition for his adept contributions to the brand. At age 21, Omar was the franchisee of this Japanese food chain and presently he owns 13 franchised units across Puebla, Mexico City, and Veracruz. The BFW competition featured attendees from 34 countries including; France, Portugal, Italy, Brazil, Hungary, Mexico, and Argentina.

Since opening his first franchise, Shushi Itto, Omar Yunes has expanded his business reach in Mexico. His ownership entails a dazzling 10 percent of the brand’s locations. Moreover, Yunes is pleased to join the real estate industry at such an exciting time. Omar Yunes has had the upper hand in marketing his products and possesses a substantial control of the food sector. His brand has produced more than 400 job opportunities through his 13 unit.

To be as successful and award winning as he is, Omar Yunes motivates his workers through proper remuneration to help in the realization of the corporate goal. Through Omar Yune’s able leadership, his franchise brand has managed to develop a strong, sustainable business network, working strategy, and culture, an efficient structure as well as an effective board to help implement business strategies.

Cassio Audi’s Amazing Music History

Cassio Audi is a business personnel and a musician from Brazil. Before starting his musical career, Audi was a real fan of rock music during its establishments. With that passion, Cassio together with his music colleagues Pet Passarell, Yves Passarell, Felipe Machado and Machado Andre co-founded their band in 1985.This team through cooperation brought improvements in their music career. Cassio usually kept himself busy with the band activities daily. The band’s musical inspiration mainly came from Iron Maiden and the British heavy metal music.

The group contributed in Cassio’s dream as a drummer at Viper Rock Music Band. Not only was he a drummer but also helped the band in composing and marketing songs. Audi ensured he saw the group through receiving airplay. They performed at different stages with incredible staged performances. The band rocked the industry with hits such as princess from Hell, Nightmare, and Kilera among other major hits.

The band members decided to extend their career beyond Brazil. They performed in America and Europe. The band released their first album, Soldiers of Sunset, in 1987 with the help of Cassio’s talent in song writing. The Soldiers of Sunset album received a four-star by Allmusic. The album gave the band success recognizing them into the musical stardom of rock. Viper Band was unique and marketable from other Brazilian bands as they also sang in English. Their second album, Theater of Fate, was launched in 1989. The album stamped Audi as an amazing composer and an astute lyricist.

After Theater of Fate album, Cassio joined Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo where he graduated with a business administration degree He received an MBA in Finance from the University of Sao Paulo. Cassio is still well- known in the rock music industry. He uses his creative mind in his musical business. He was entirely dedicated to his musical career before joining the business globe.


In a move aimed at expanding their business horizons, Goettl Air Conditioning recently acquired a California-based HVAC company, Walton’s Heating and Air. The acquisition of the family owned business has been praised as a move that will take both businesses to the next level. For Goettl, the acquisition presents a chance for the air conditioning company to cement its presence in southern California. On the other hand, Walton’s Heat and Air company look set to grow into feats that were only imaginable to its initial founder, Todd Longbrake.

Speaking regarding the acquisition, Longbrake admitted that despite all his efforts to grow the family owned business, its growth had stagnated. Goettl’s initial interest in Walton’s Heating and the air was rebuffed in a bid to hold onto the family owned business due to its sentimental value. However, Goettl’s reputation in the industry made Longbrake change his mind.

Although an agreement between the two parties was reached in 2015, the announcement on Business Press Vegas of the acquisition was held off until this year. The delay in the announcement of the acquisition is attributable to a few operational and marketing complications with Walton’s. Indeed, looking back at the decision he made almost two years ago, Longbrake, the current sales manager and field supervisor at Goettl, is proud of his decision to sell since the business has grown ten-fold in such a short time.

Goodrich is adamant that Todd Longbrake’s quick assimilation into the company culture is one of the key factors that have catapulted him into leadership within such a short period. He attributes his company’s keen interest in completing the deal despite various obstacles to the fact that the two enterprises share similar values. He also views Walton’s Heating and Air as a platform for the growth of Goettl.

Founded in 1939, Goettl Air Conditioning prides itself on being an industry pioneer. Its foundation is traceable to two individuals, Gust and Adam Goettl who were the first developers of the first ever evaporative cooler and refrigerate AC unit. Since then, Goettl has successfully navigated through technological changes and adapted accordingly to the evolution in the HVAC industry.

Currently, the company has a workforce of 306 employees, a number that is likely to increase considering the exponential growth rate exhibited by the Goettl in the last two years. Indeed, Goodrich has successfully turned Goettl into everyone’s go-to destination for efficient, pocket-friendly premium products and excellent customer service.

Dr. Clay Siegall’s Ambitious Plans with Seattle Genetics in the Cancer Therapy

Dr. Clay Siegall, the co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Seattle Genetics, is known for his ambitious plans in simplified and targeted treatment regimes, especially in cancer therapy. Seattle Genetics has a market value close to $10 billion and employs at least 900 employees with a deep focus on research and marketing with a futuristic vision. “We are growing as a multi-product, global, oncology firm,” declared Dr. Siegall. He further pointed out that the company has many drugs in the pipeline, and he wanted the firm as an innovator in the biotech industry. The flagship drug of the company, Adcetris is an excellent therapy solution for Hodgkin lymphoma approved by the FDA. The expectation created by Seattle Genetics in the industry is huge that its stock price has tripled in the last five years.

Interestingly, under the leadership of Dr. Siegall, the company is very focused on its research, and in 2016, it spent more than $376 million – a 64 percent up from 2014. The biotech firm is basing its research in antibody-drug conjugate (ADC), a target antigen method. These drugs attach to the cancer cells and create toxin inside those cells to kill them. It means that while killing the cancer cells, the therapies do not harm the normal cells. It is a highly effective therapy considering the current radiation therapy or chemotherapy where healthy cells also face the damage from the treatment. Dr. Siegall confirms that as many as 11 more drugs are in the pipeline, and he sees a greater potential for sales with those.

Apart from a dedicated researcher in oncology, Dr. Siegall is also a visionary entrepreneur and brilliant manager. He helped the firm to raise $675 million through private and public financing in 2001 to expand its research activities. It should also be noted that Dr. Siegall led the company to issue its initial public offering as well, in the same year. He holds more than 15 patents and published his papers in at least 70 publications.

Dr. Siegall started his career with the National Cancer Institute, part of National Institutes of Health, in 1988. In 1991, he joined the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute as a scientist and worked until 1997. Dr. Siegall left the firm to found Seattle Genetics in the year 1998. He completed his graduation from the University of Maryland in Zoology and gained his Ph.D. from George Washington University in Genetics. Dr. Siegall serves on the director boards of Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical and Alder BioPharmaceuticals.