IncrediBites Are Fantastic

Made by Purina, the BenefulIncrediBites are something that you might want to consider. Your small dog will just love them. It is a  Purina dry dog food that is geared for small and tiny dogs. Any type of breed, as long as they are puppies will love them.

The price for the BenefulIncrediBites is $13.99 for a 15-pound bag. There is real beef in this type of dog food that comes from a farm. It works well for your small dog’s metabolism. There is calcium in them too, and this will help to keep their teeth and bones healthy. Peas and carrots also flavor these so your small dog will love them. Since the IncrediBItes are packed with nutrients, your small dog will look and feel great after they eat them. It is a dry, dog food that has 27 grams of protein in each cup. There are 23 minerals and vitamins for nutrients to provide for the overall health of your small pet. They are made tiny enough for their smaller teeth.

Check online for coupons that you might be able to use for BenefulIncrediBites. You will also want to watch for sales or promotions that can also save you money. Once you get your dog the IncrediBites, you will see how much they love it.

Traveling Vineyard Part Time Wine Consultant Opportunity

Work from home opportunities are on the rise with busy moms who want to earn an added income and get some time outside of the house. There is no speculation as to why The Traveling Vineyard such wonderful business for these women to consider. Becoming a Traveling Vineyard consultant is simple and low cost. The startup kit includes enough wine for two tastings, tasting glasses and additional supplies that the consultants will need to perform  tastings appropriately. The average cost of a bottle of wine is $14-$25 which makes this a easy item to sell.

People enjoy hosting Traveling Vineyard tastings in their homes because it allows for a fun and educational night in while experiencing some amazing Napa Valley wines. The Traveling Vineyard was founded in Massachusetts in 2001 and does not have a minimum or maximum sales quote for their Traveling Vineyard consultants. This is ideal because it allows for consultants to work as little or as much as they want. In addition to the schedule flexibility, consultants receive 20% off of each bottle they purchase for their own wine collection.

The Traveling Vineyard gives their consultants all the necessary information they require to have successful startup. Each consultant is given a website to help grow their business from. This allows for customers to make easy purchases and for repeat customers to set up auto ship options. After the first three months of utilizing this free website, consultants will be asked to pay a minimal monthly fee to keep it active.

The key to growing your Traveling Vineyard business is networking. If you host a party you can encourage guests to consider hosting and inviting individuals who were not at the current tasting. This will help spread the word of the business. The average consultant works about fifteen hours a week and makes around $6,000 yearly. With added effort and more free time you may be able to grow your business even more.

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Andrew Rolfe of Ubuntu Fund Dedicates His Time and Resources to Empowering The Less Fortunate Students

The Ubuntu Fund hoped to raise approximately $ 972,960 in the yearly gala dinner in May 2016. The funds from the event would then be channeled to the school campus beneficiaries not only in South Africa but also in Port Elizabeth. Some of the projects that the organizers have aligned on the waiting list include a pediatric clinic that will serve the campus. Another project by the management is empowering the disadvantaged in the society. It is projected that the program is prominent for taking care of the underprivileged in the society by ensuring that students are well versed with the requirements of their career. Although organizing the event took the entire night, the organizers arrived at their goal.


Ubuntu Fund is prominent for its positive contribution to the society. In South Africa, the organization has vastly assisted several scholars in achieving their academic credentials. With Andrew Rolfe as the head cheerleader, Ubuntu Fund spear heads the development of modern education systems with the aim of empowering people in the society. It is factual that under the leadership of Andrew Rolfe, Ubuntu managed to raise more funds with the aim of empowering scholars. Since there are children who seek to change their lives through acquiring education, Ubuntu is focused on supporting such individuals. Andrew Rolfe chairs the board and he monitors the entire activities of the firm. Under his watch, many kids have been able to attain better grades in school. This is because with Ubuntu Fund, the learning environment is conducive for students.


Being passionate about giving back to the society, Andrew Rolfe has been the moderator of Ubuntu Fund with a focus on developing policies as well as strategies that work well for the betterment of the South Africa education system. Although Ubuntu Fund raises money from donors, there are strict policies on how the funds are utilized. These policies are not dictated by the donors. Donation is open to well wishers and it does not matter how much an individual gives. What matters is proper use of the donation. The funds are channeled to the needy students. Through Andrew Rolfe, Ubuntu Fund has supported most South Africans.

In The Footsteps Of Matthew Autterson

What comes to mind when you think about FAB projects? Well, most likely not the kind of FAB in which Matthew Autterson works. This non-profit organization helps people with neuromotor disability. Matthew Autterson currently serves on their Board of Directors. But who is he? People outside the world of finance don’t know his name. Mr. Autterson has built a professional and personal life during his 25 years in the field. It was hard labor which is now bearing fruit.

Who Is Mr. Autterson?

In the 80’s Mr. Autterson received a B.A. at the Michigan Stet University. A degree in Finance later led him to the University of Denver. He was a student in the Graduate Tax Program. It is one of the largest programs Denver University offers its students. He received education side by side with lawyers and accountants.

After graduating his first career step was work at First Trust Corporation. He was there till 1982 when working in a small team seemed a better idea. That is how Colorado State chartered trust company was born. It was a subsidiary of a finance company called Resources, Inc. and it helped Autterson’s career to take off. A couple of years later he was the president of Resources Trust Company.

The company itself has an interesting journey. It changed hands and evolved. In the end becoming a part of AIG in 1998. This time the company changed hands for the last time. It had more than 200 000 clients and 15 000 advisers in the field of finance. Their custodial assets reached 20 billion dollars with 1 billion in deposits. It was also a workplace for at least 700 paid employees. Autterson himself currently is a leader in the business community in Colorado.

More Than A Professional

Matthew Autterson is an intelligent businessman and a Wealth Management Consultant. He is also a well-known philanthropist. He has a variety of interest aside from the world of finance and business. He took part in Baja 1000 off-road race in Mexico as a part of a six member team that also included his daughter. He has worked in a leading role in Denver Zoo and the Denver Zoological Foundation.

He also served on as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Denver Hospice. He takes his work as seriously as he takes his professional life. Autterson knows how many people benefit from these organizations. For people not so lucky in life it is a lifeline. Autterson’s leadership shows his commitment and dedication to everything he decides to tackle.

Undying Efforts In Promoting Madison Street Capital reputation

Madison Street Capital is the leading financial consultant to a majority of business around the globe. It provides a range of fantastic services which include assisting various companies to obtain credit from leading banking firms. This Chicago based company also is the leading firm in merger consultation assistance as well business valuations. Because of their vast experience in financial advisory services, the company can facilitate a very complex transaction which other companies cannot. Their main work is to identify possible business opportunities around the world and link potential clients to this opportunity. Learn more:

Madison Street Capital has maneuvered against all the odds to gain its reputation by attainment of several achievements since its genesis. One of the outstanding performance of the company was the recognition of the co founders Antony Marshal. He was nominated for a prestigious award 40 Under Forty Award. The program award is promising young business men to boost their morale and motivate them for a better business world. The award’s selection happens under the National Association of Certified Analysts. Antony Marshal is one of the significant individuals in the company who serves as the Company’s chief operating officer. Antony’s recognition is the greatest achievement that increased Madison Street Capital popularity. Learn more:

Another incredible success of the company was when it liaised with Maintenance Systems Management and facilitated its financing. Madison Street Capital received a lot of compliments from the company for its undying support for providing the business’s needs. The president of Maintenance Systems Management noted that through proper advice from Madison Street Capital, they were able to achieve their goal. The Francisco based company has an outstanding record for providing cleaning and building upkeep for the last twenty-seven years. With the help of Madison Street Capital, they got all the reasons to smile by meeting one of their primary goals. Learn more:

Madison Street Capital reputation is not only built from its financial advice, but also through its philanthropic efforts. The company is at the forefront in the provision of charitable funds aimed at changing lives of the less fortunate. In the year 2011, they donated funds to help in a weather calamity that had affected the Eastern and Midwestern United States. Besides, the company contributes a lot to several non-profits organizations such as American Red Cross and United Way. Through its website, they had consistently encouraged other visitors to take part. Learn more:


Exploring the Operations of JHSF and the Contributions of Jose Auriemo Neto to the Company

JHSF Participacoes SA has grown into one of the most sought after real estate development companies in Brazil. Since its inception, the company has continuously strived to cement its reputation as the go-to company for high-income or luxury projects like upscale hotels, an international executive airport and shopping centers. Additionally, JHSF has consolidated most of its operations in various capitals across Brazil including Manus, Salvador and Sao Paolo.

Established in 1972, JHSF boasts of four main business units, which serve as a summary of its operations. They include an executive airport, hotels & restaurants Fasano, incorporations and malls. JHSF has also redirected a considerable portion of its focus on its activities to the recurring income area to keep up with the more developed real estate foreign markets. The company has also given priority to the implementation of projects, which are characterized by both the administration and development of high-standards hotels, malls and the Catarina Integrated Urban Development. The Catarina project consists of Catarina Fashion Outlet and Catarina Executive Airport, which make up the first phase.

Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto is the man behind the leadership of JHSF Participacoes SA., which is a premier real estate enterprise specializing in the development of both residential and commercial properties in Brazil. Since taking up the role of chief executive officer and chairperson, Jose Auriemo Neto has been overseeing numerous projects by the company including the development of hotels and office buildings. He has also played a significant role in helping JHSF to venture and expand its retail portfolio seamlessly. In fact, Jose manages the company’s retail complexes including the Bela Vista located in Salvador and Cidade Jardim among many others.

Jose Auriemo led the signing of partnership contracts with Jimmy Choo, Hermes and Pucci. This endeavor included the launching of the brand’s first retail stores in one of JHSF’s shopping complex, Cidade Jardim. Later in 2012, Jose led JHSF into partnering with Valentino, which resulted in the launch of the brand’s first R.E.D. Valentino outlets in Brazil. Academic wise, Jose Auriemo Neto prides himself on being an accomplished alumnus of one of the popular universities in Brazil, Fundacao Armando Penteado University.


Dr. Jennifer Walden – Excellence in Her Medical Dream Career

One of the leading and certified women plastic surgeons is Dr. Jennifer Walden who is based in Austin. Apart from her plastic surgeon vocation, she is also an academic and a media commentator. Prior, in a review, Dr. Jennifer has been highlighted by the Harper’s Bazaar magazine as among the best 24 magnificence surgeons in the US. She gained her experience and training while working together with the popular and skilled cosmetic surgeons within New York and particularly in Manhattan. More so in a different review, Dr. Jennifer has broken records to become the first woman who joined hands with the board of directors at ASAPS – Americans Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery where the place she is presently giving her services as referred to relevant review sources.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews is a published author with pieces of work that have received different awards. The surgeon has also consistently shown up in the most acclaimed magazines and national TV programs. With regards to splendor, magnificence, and Successful, Dr. Walden leads in taking all things together. However, despite how her busy schedules, she is a standout amongst the most affable and friendly individuals, you can simply rely upon in times of need. Conceived in Austin, Dr. Walden was brought up in the Northwest Hills locality and having originated from a family with medicine background where her mom operated as surgical, medical caretaker and her dad worked as a dental specialist and within a family that had a solid incentive for learning, its then Dr. Walden gained a strong passion to study surgery profession.

Dr. Jennifer pursued her studies at the University of Texas, and after her graduation, she was the best student which opened her doors wider to pursue her surgery career further. As per the recent review, Dr. Jennifer remained at Manhattan for 8 years following which she began exercising her vocation under Sherrell Aston who was her mentor. To know more about her click here.

Jason Hope: The Futurist Is Now

Jason Hope is a futurist, entrepreneur, investor, businessman, and philanthropist. Hope was born and raised in the state of Arizona. Currently located in Scottsdale, Arizona, he grew up in Tempe.

Hope has a love of modern technology. It very well could be that this passion for tech could harken back to Hope’s teen years. One thing is certain, Hope has a good background in business that can be linked to his college years.

After graduating from high school Hope went to the Arizona State University in Tempe. There he majored in finance. He earned bachelor of science (BS) degree. Hope then entered the Arizona State University’s business school–the W. P. Carey School of Business. There he completed his master’s degree (MBA) in business.

Favorite Entrepreneurial Interests
Hope joined his two favorite interests into one in 2004. He took a job working in the field of mobile technology in January of 2004. He has now worked in that field for approximately 13 years.

Related Skills
At press time, Hope currently has a number of individual entrepreneurial interests concerning businesses that utilize computer data systems and additional, relevant technology. Several online sources indicate that Hope has a variety of pertinent, useful skills including (but not limited to) SaaS, business strategy, start-ups, business development, finance, and, of course, entrepreneurship.

Additional Interests
Hopes has other interests as well. His interests include not only technology and science but health and education too. Hope also participates in community service and “giving back” through his support of charitable causes and volunteerism.

His favorite charity is the SENS Research Foundation. He also has ties to other organizations including TGen, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the Goldwater Institute, Celebrity Fight Night, and the Arizona Science Center. Finally, in addition to his philanthropic interests and business enterprises, he has also become interested in the subject of politics–especially how they impact on business practices at both the state and federal levels.

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David McDonald’s Journey in OSI Group

On September 12, 2012, the OSI Group, a leading food processing company, celebrated its twentieth anniversary in China. The company had its beginning in 1992 where it served McDonald’s with food. During the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, OSI Group China was on the fore front to supply one hundred and thirteen tons of food products. These include pork, chicken, eggs, and dehydrated onions. No one made complaints about their products which was quite commendable. OSI China presently supplies food to other leading brands such as Starbucks, Papa John’s, Yum, Burger King, McDonald’s and the Subway.

In an interview with Food and Drink Magazine, the President of OSI Group, David McDonald said the OSI Group is well-positioned as it has a global network. Besides operating globally, they also have local management teams which understand the cultures and traditions of people thus serving them well.

About the OSI Group

The OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora. The company focuses on providing value added proteins such as beef patties and sausages. They also supply pizza and sandwiches. The corporation presently operates in seventeen countries where they manage over fifty facilities.

In China, OSI is the nation’s largest poultry producer. The previous year, OSI launched seven new production plants across the globe to increase its scale of operation. Regularly, OSI Group engages equipment manufacturers to ensure the safety and quality of the machinery for food processing.

About the President of OSI Group, David McDonald

David McDonald is the president and the Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group. He had previously served as the Project Manager of OSI Industries. McDonald has held key positions in numerous organizations such as the North American Meat Institute where he serves as the Chairman. Since December 2008, he acted as an independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods. In OSI, David McDonald is a member of the board of trustees. He also serves as the Present of OSI International Food in Australia.

David McDonald acquired his Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science in 1987 from Lowa State University. Upon graduating, he began his professional career with the OSI Group. He worked very hard and smart to earn his current position in the company.