Cyber Security Wasn’t Available The Time I Was Hacked: Current Digital Security Trends

Due to the ever-changing and increasing cyber security threats over the years, IN has put together a tip list, remembering the stressful time that I was hacked, this would have been a useful list to read! The time that I was hacked, there were few options to assist consumers in understanding cyber threats- and why cyber security is important. Besides the usual white-collar financial crimes that occur, many might not be aware of a hidden danger. Increased cyber attacks on medical devices just didn’t exist the time that I was hacked.

Apparently, attacks on medical devices are rising rapidly, as well as cyber attacks in general. Another factor leading to the overall necessity of cyber security systems is that the intensity and severity of the attacks are rising right along with the sheer frequency.

Rubica is a company offering professional analysts, using sophisticated data monitoring techniques, Rubica can be installed on all devices. Providing the latest in cyber security tools, the software used has the ability to tell users information such as suspicious events, alerts, the amount of data analyzed – across all devices.

For more information about cyber security, ransomware, and hacking visit Rubica at

Oncotarget the Informative Journal

Oncotarget is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes oncology papers online on a weekly basis. The journal is traditional, and it sometimes publishes articles or journals on special demand. The journal was established back in 2010 by impact journals, and it has since enjoyed much success. It has also increased the subject après that are discussed.The mission of the journalists is to provide scientific results rapidly and widely. They also aim at maximizing the impact that research has through insightful review and they as well allow any exceptional discoveries to be shared in a quick manner. Other than that, Oncotarget aims to remove the border that exists between different specialties and to link the various biomedical sciences.Oncotarget is led by the most prominent scientists, making the reports credible. The journal is also useful as it helps all the researchers to make a positive contribution to science. The primary goal is to ensure that all living things live without diseases.

Oncotarget is the citation that reports on aging and publishes papers that have high impact in all areas concerning aging. They also conduct research related to aging in areas such as genetics, cellular, senescence, age related diseases among other topics. Among the members of the advisory board are Michael Hall, Mikhail Blagosklonny, and Brian Kennedy.There also exists a pathology section that is headed by Michael Lisanti, who was formerly the editor in chief of the American Journal of Pathology. The pathology section is more advantageous than other sections because it has a higher impact factor. It also allows people to submit papers that were rejected by other journal review boards.

However, in such cases, one is asked to provide the reviews and the rebuttals from the other teams. The other advantage is that the pathology journals have a rapid publication in comparison to other magazines. Moreover, the accepted papers are published within five days.Oncotarget also addresses the issue of therapy where the pathological issues are concerned. It also addresses all types of cancers and treatment procedures that are used to improve the patient’s condition. Issues such as quality of life, satisfaction, and adherence to procedures are also concerned.


The Great Philanthropist, Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a native of Arizona who grew up in Tempe. He graduated from Arizona State University, with a degree in finance. In addition to this, he received his MBA from ASU’s Carey School of Business. He is currently worth 50 million Dollars. Jason is a businessman and entrepreneur. Moreover, Jason is a futurist and philanthropist.

Jason has a soft spot for technology and helping out other people. Jason Hope joined Peter Thiel’s 3.5 million dollar donation to end aging. He pledged 500,000 dollars donation to the SENS Research Foundation. He has shown an interest in politics concerning business, in Arizona. Hope has his website,

Jason Hope gave an insight on his success in technology. Jason spent his entire professional life pursuing his passion for technology. Jason believes that technology is the driving force to bring change in the world. He is equipped with profound skills and is well experienced in the technological sector. Aside from this, through his business skills, he is taking his projects to the next level.

Jason has a strong interest in Mobile communication. He realized that it is one of the most revolutionary ways of connecting people. He developed Jawa, a mobile communications company after graduating. Jawa later transformed into a parent company for other tech subsidiaries.

From his personal experience, Jason realized how hard it is for a starting entrepreneur to access funds. He started a grant program to innovative thinkers with ideas that can change the world. Jason also reviews submissions from his website and finds the ones best to invest in the following: click here.

Jason, as a futurist, is excited to see how the internet of things with revolutionizing the world. He believes that the internet of things can change the way people live and interact with each other. Hope also believes that it will have an impact on medical advancements. Jason hopes that the internet of things will create a better world for future generations.

Jason says that the most important thing when developing a new idea is to look at the big picture. Change, according to Jason, occurs when a fresh idea is available to many people. Positive people with the same goals are important since they help keep one focused. Jason is very optimistic about what the future holds, especially in technological advancements.

Jose Neto of JHSF Incorporates Portfolio Diversification for Excellent Real Estate Business in Brazil

JHSF is a leading high-end revenue real estate firm in Brazil. The company is prominent for its excellent service delivery in commercial as well as residential markets across the property sector. JHSF prides itself on being a leading real estate developer for shopping centers, luxury hotels, executive airports and commercial markets. Since it was established in 1972, the company has a renowned capacity in identifying emerging businesses opportunities in different markets. As the main developer of real estate ventures in the country, JHSF continues to register excellent performance through perfect service delivery. With innovation, high-quality capacity, presentable market approaches to clients and good project presentation, JHSF has won the hearts of many Brazilians. From high ranking investors to national traders, this company continues to practice portfolio diversification in Brazil. These qualities define the mission of JHSF.

JHSF has managed to incorporate various businesses under one unit in Sao Paulo as well as Manaus. The four business units are:


  • Fasano Hotels
  • Executive Airports
  • Restaurants

As other businesses evolved in real estate, JHSF focused on overcoming the challenges that the world threw at the business. Under the insightful management and guidance of Jose Neto, the chairman, the company has been able to focus on revenue generating platforms. In the past recent years, Jose Neto has prioritized the generation of various projects that are known to deal with the emerging of developmental projects in shopping centers, high-end hotels, and urban development. These are the first class projects that Jose Neto has been part of. It is composed of airport Catarina and a fashion outlet that sells high-end products.


Jose Neto was the executive president of the company until 2014 where he left the position for Mr. Eduardo Camara. He coached him for two years and retained his position as the president under the council of administrators. Neto serves the interests of the brand in office buildings as well as hotels in addition to public developments. He is the chief portfolio developer in the company. Jose has overseen the acquisition of many businesses under JHSF. He is in charge of managing key board meetings and controlling the management.

Finding Wanted Fugitives With Help from Securus Technologies

When me and my fellow fugitive hunters are assigned a case, we do not give up until the suspect is in custody. It doesn’t matter where the suspect tries to hide, me and my task force are like bloodhounds, and we will never stop hunting regardless the circumstances. This month we were given a case of a fugitive who was holding up grocery stores at gunpoint and disappearing like the wind. The trouble was, he was hitting the same stores time and time again.


Just when we thought things had calmed down, the suspect would show up, rob the same supermarkets, then disappear with several thousand dollars. The frustrating part for my team was we knew this was being done as a message to my team that we were not capable of bringing the suspect down. Unfortunately for the suspect, it only fueled the fire that we get him into custody even sooner.


When I got word that the suspect had friends in jail, we headed over to see if they would talk. None were happy to see us, and none would even say a word to use. Fortunately for my team, these inmates love to talk on the phone and now they had something to whine about. One of the friends made a call out of the state to a friend not on his regular call logs. Securus Technologies installed the call monitoring system, and it was key in picking up that chatter about our suspect.


What we were eventually alerted to was a location where the suspect was staying with a friend of this inmate. He would come to Georgia, rob the Winn Dixie, slip back to Tennessee, and blow the money in a month. Once we had the location, it was easy pulling him out of bed one morning while he was sound asleep.


Special Man and More

From new sources canned to entering scope interviews to reputable streams of publication and thought, Televisa makes its mark on the Mexican world – and even the international one – for days to come. It’s so necessary, especially considering Mexico’s current media corruption scandals and issues that plague many leaders from within. It’s good to know that companies like Televisa and leaders like Porfirio Sanchez Galindo continue to fight the good fight for truth and hold firm to some level of commitment and value while promoting many angles of truth in order to get the full spectrum. May they continue to lead the way, and may we continue to stay informed and support them in any ways possible. Viva Televisa.


Viva Porfirio Sanchez. Porfirio Sanchez is the international VP of Televisa’s editorial arena and knows his media like no other, especially in terms of Mexican news and print. He’s considered an expert all around, and that’s an understatement. He holds multiple degrees from the best and brightest universities around the world and also plenty of prior experience in this field. He has mastered editing, journalism, print media, the news and more: He’s an avid authority on subjects that currently plague Mexico.

Porfirio Sanchez has recently decided on marketing in telecommute occasions within 30 expansions, claiming that Wyoming is the top project of the Director of Economics Analysis and Special Projects. This 40-year-old young leader already directs numerous special projects and economic analysis within Televisa, a position of honor that usually requires someone older. But he has proven himself time and again and is more than fit for the role.

As an advisor to the finance secretary as well, he has worked for World Bank and others. He came to Televisa after receiving an offer and now manages numerous marketing tote specialty divisions from within. Expansion magazine named him one of the Top Promising Leaders of 2014. He made the top 30. Working with the Wye Oak, marketing strategies for television, phone, and Internet, he promised to do far more.

Eva Moskowitz, the Force Behind Success Academy Schools

Eva Moskowitz is the lady at the helm of the growing achievements of Success Academy Charter Schools. The institution was feted with the 2017 Broad Prize Award at the National Charter School’s Forum held in Washington DC having bagged the same award in 2016. The honor was in recognition of Success Academy ’s notable impact in offering academic training for students from low-income backgrounds.


Through her position as the founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter, Eva Moskowitz has overseen the school’s growth since 2006. Presently, the academy through its network of 41 schools, has made a positive impact on the lives of 14,000 New-York children most of whom come from low-income families. It is with such able leadership and a combination of a holistic education program that has led to the academy’s growing reputation as the best charter institution in New-York.


Eva Moskowitz’s life in the education sector saw her serve in various positions in the field. She taught History in 1989 to 1990 at the Virginia University as a visiting professor. Eva Moskowitz would later join Vanderbilt University for one year from 1992 as a Historian Assistant Professor. She furthered her career and went on to hold high public positions notably that of the Children’s Literacy Program Director as well as the Public Affairs Director.


Her growth as a public figure inspired Eva Moskowitz’s move to electoral politics as a New York City Councilwoman, where she served on the education committee. She would in 2006 shelve her electoral ambitions to pursue her dreams in the education field, by establishing the Success Academy.


A combination of her expansive career, and her experience in teaching have been credited for her achievements in the education sector. She is indeed a pillar and an inspiration to the New-York community and the world as a whole.

Tony Petrello’s Successful Career In The Legal And Oil Industries

Tony Petrello seemed destined to be a mathematician. He attended Yale University where he earned his Bachelors and Masters Degree in Mathematics. While it seemed likely he would then pursue a Ph.D. in this subject he instead attended Harvard Law School and earned his law degree. This led to him joining a white shoes New York City law firm called Baker & McKenzie in 1979. His legal specialties corporate law, taxation, and international arbitration. His deep knowledge of the law eventually led to him being named a Partner of the firm in 1986.

In 1991, Tony Petrello left position at Baker & McKenzie in order to join an oil firm in Houston, Texas. He was hired by Nabors Industries as their President and Chief Operating Officer. That same year he was elected to the company’s Executive Committee of the Board and its Board of Directors. Tony Petrello earned the role of Deputy Chairman of the Board in 2003. In October 2011, Tony Petrello was named Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries as well as President. Finally, in 2012 he was elected as Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board and Chairman of the Board.

His time at Nabors Industries has seen a lot of changes in the oil industry in the intervening 26 years. When he started oil was mainly pumped from wells either offshore or onshore. Nowadays fracking technology developed substantially where oil is gotten out of the ground in an entirely new way which has led to much less expensive oil and gas prices. Tony Petrello leadership ensures successful has ably led Nabors Industries through these profound changes in the industry.

Under the direction of Tony Petrello, Nabors Industries has grown into the largest driller of geothermal and natural gas resources in the world. They have drilling operations around the globe including in the US, the Middle East, Northern Africa, and the Middle East.

Tony Petrello is also a director at two other oil industry companies, Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart & Stevenson LLC. Additionally, he serves Texas Children’s Hospital by serving on its Board of Trustees.

The Inside Scoop on Dr. Imran Haque

The research, study, and practice of medicine helps people live better, more fulfilling lives. Modern medicine has also dramatically increased humans’ average life expectancy, rising through the roof since before doctors and researchers advanced medicine. Our ancestors often dealt with — and were unable to cure — ailments such as chicken pox and dysthymia, problems that are soundly prevented with today’s advancements.


Dr. Imran Haque is a doctor that practices in North Carolina that helps contribute to patients living more fulfilling lives. He graduated from the nationally-renowned University of Virginia’s Roanoake-Salem Internal Medicine program, as well as successfully completed his residency there to practice internal medicine. This trusted physician has been employed as a doctor for most of the past two decades, offering years of experienced obtained from thousands of visits with patients to his many patrons.


Cosmetic procedures are Dr. Imran Haque’s specialty, ranging from Botox to Venus body contouring. Dr. Imran Haque performs laser hair removal quite frequently, which utilizes safe laser frequencies to remove stubborn hair from facial areas that look unappealing to lovers and onlookers alike. Venus body contouring helps patients look more attractive, removing fat from problem areas to tighten skin, bust away cellulite, and smooth over wrinkles.


Botox injections and dermal fillers are two highly popular services that Dr. Imran Haque provides, in addition to his colorful palette of other offers. Dermal fillers are created from hyaluronic acid, helping add volume to flat, dull areas of skin. This procedure last up to nine months, helping patients look great for long periods of time. Botox injections add volume to patients’ faces, as well, administered directly into unappealing areas to boost attractiveness and self-confidence.


In addition to cosmetic procedures, Dr. Imran Haque offers preventative care, diabetes maintenance, and weight loss management to his North Carolinian patients.

Nick Vertucci – Who is Nick Vertucci, and What is His Story?

A part of my Nick Vertucci and his philosophy is that one’s past does not dictate his future. Nick Vertucci grew up within a loving family and was always well provided for, but was not excessively well-to-do. Things became worse as he lost his father at age 10. His mother worked long hours just to support his siblings and him; she would come home late every night. When Nick Vertucci was 18, he was living out of my van, and his life was at its all-time low.

A Change
His luck changed many years later as Vertucci started his own business selling computer parts. He loved the freedom that being his own boss gave him. During this time, he got married and later had three beautiful daughters. Things ran smoothly up until the dot. com crash of the early 2000’s, in which all finances dissolved before his eyes. He had the wrong mentality prior and hadn’t been properly invested in his future.

For nearly 18 months, he had nearly no income and kept digging himself deeper and deeper into debt. He lost nearly everything, except for his home. During this time, a friend invited him to attend 3-day real estate training seminars as a guest on LinkedIn. He was apprehensive at first, and even reluctant to use up the weekend, but his friend assured him that what was learned so far was worth hearing. In hindsight, it became the best decision Vertucci ever made in my life – to attend that workshop at

He simply listened to what each speaker had to say and then soaked it all in. He didn’t understand everything, but something certainly clicked as he sat there. From that first day, he knew that he found the answer to get him out of financial hell.

He felt renewed, inspired, and fully ready. He continued to absorb everything he could regarding real estate on

It took him over a decade to gather sufficient information to become successful, but he kept pressing forward and never gave up. Eventually, he developed a simple system that allowed him to make real estate money. When he could officially call himself a millionaire, Vertucci vowed to teach the system to others so that they could escape debt, make plenty of cash, and radically transform financial legacies. That’s his purpose.

Find more about Nick Vertucci: