Wengie And The Odd Behaviors As A Child

There are some things that most people did when they were younger. At the time, they made no sense, but they were fun. Now, you look back and see that they were a bit odd. If you were bored in class, you probably marked lines on a piece of paper, connecting them to make an “S.” Eating cookies was fun when you would eat tiny teddy bears limb by limb. Another thing you probably did with your snacks was to crush the chips inside the little bag so that you could eat the crumbs.


Wengie suggests In almost every pencil case was a sheet of letters. You could cut the letters and put them on the front of the case or even on the front of your notebooks. If you wanted to sneak a snack in class, you might have put a fruit roll-up in your mouth. The pliable treats often remained hidden from view. Writing about your crush in your diary was something you did on a daily basis. After writing in your diary, you hid the book so that no one else would find it in your room, especially a sibling or your parents as they might have tried to read it while you were gone.

The Kabbalah Centre where You Can Get Very Helpful Wisdom

The Kabbalah Centre is an organization running activities that are not aimed at making any profit. Its main office is in Los Angeles California, but it has opened various centers across the world. The center teaches kabbalistic teachings and also offers Zohar courses. Most of these teachings are online, but there are regional and city-based centers and study groups across the globe. Kabbalah presentation was developed by Philip Berg and his wife Karen Berg in 1965.The Kabbalah Center has people from different ethnic groups, teachers, and staff from the international community who are dedicated to teaching. Their students come from all over the world.

In the old days, Rabbis believed that the Kabbalah mysteries were not easy and were only taught to people under the age of 40. The students who got these teachings were only the religious ones, but things have changed today as there are young people of both genders taking the teachings. The earlier restrictions on some age group made some traditionalists to see the Kabbalah center as a Judaism perversion.

The Kabbalah center teaches students instructions that are easy to comprehend. The teachings are not in any way reference from the Hebrew or Jewish text. According to the Kabbalah lessons, all the spiritual and religious beliefs that people hold across the world are branches of wisdom. The Kabbalah does not seek to give people an option of another religion, but it supplements the already existing religions. The teachings of Kabbalah help man to understand how he is connected to the world and how to live peacefully. The Kabbalah principles teach human beings the teachings of God, but they are referred to as light. This insists that every person should be concerned with God’s essence rather than focusing on how they relate to God himself because he is beyond human understanding.


Get to Know Samuel Strauch and Metrik Real Estate in 3 Minutes!

He is a licensed real estate agent from Florida currently working for Affinity Realty Group Inc. the company is located in Miami Beach, and Samuel has been with them for fourteen years. Samuel Strauch transacted in many areas including Hollywood, Margate, Aventura, Miami Beach, Miami, and Sunny Isles Beach. This shows how experienced he is in the real estate business. HomeLights ranked Samuel as one of the top successful agents in Miami Beach. This is for being able to sell homes fast and easy.

Homelight have kept details of Samuel’s 38 transactions since 2009. Two of those happened in the last two years. Samuel Strauch has specialized in buyers rather than sellers. However, eight of the 38 deals, Samuel represented sellers. One of the greatest accomplishments is representing the seller of a condominium at 3801 Collins Av # 904. This property sold for $889,500 in one transaction. For the buyers, it is the condominium at 5161 Collins Av # 1114, which was bought for $732,500.


Samuel Strauch went to Hofstra University where he studied a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 1994. He is also an Erasmus University Rotterdam and Harvard alumni where he studied International Finance and International Marketing and Executive Education in Real Estate and Capital Markets respectively.

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About Metrik Real Estate

Metrik is an ambitious and progressive company based in South Beach, Florida. Their main specialty is brokerage, equity, development, and management. The company started around 2000 providing local services to Miami residents together with reality company Affinity Realty Group. They later expanded to Latin American countries, created a management team, and started developing projects. This was the birth of METRIK.

The success of Metrik Real Estate can be attributed to the staff vast knowledge and experience, great professionalism and hard work.

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Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Challenges The Bottled Beverage Industry

With an unprecedented commitment to social responsibility, 22-year-old Ryan Emmons developed a bottled water product in 2012 that has since challenged the standards of the bottled beverage industry as a whole. Emmons’ focus on eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical practices has turned Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water into a multi-million dollar empire in just five years.

It all started when Emmons decided to bottle the water that he had been drinking for years. With his family, Emmons spent many summers vacationing in Hawaii. According to Specialty Foods, during his trips, he always made a point to stop by the Waiakea Springs that collect the water that trickles down the Mauna Loa volcano.

The volcano, which is active, filters the water that flows down its 14,000 feet of porous, mineral-rich rock. As the water flows along the rock, it collects essential electrolytes and minerals like silica that keep the body hydrated and healthy.

In addition to being uniquely high in nutrients, the water also comes from a sustainable source. Waiakea water replenishes itself within a month thanks to the region’s high amount of rainfall.

PR News Wire revealed that for the production of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, Emmons implemented a unique method of manufacturing that is completely eco-friendly. As the production of his product uses 85 percent less energy than that of most bottled water companies, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is certified carbon neutral. The bottles themselves are made from recycled materials that break down over time.

Waiakea Water also gives back. Emmons teamed up with Pump Aid, the charitable organization that donates water to underprivileged areas around the world.

For every liter of the product purchased, Pump Aid sends 650 liters of clean, fresh drinking water to a region in need. Together, they have managed to donate over 5 million liters of fresh water to impoverished regions across the world.

Emmons’ dedication to socially responsible practices has paid off. Today, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water can be purchased in thousands of stores across the United States.

In the company’s first three years, it grew an astonishing 4,000 percent. Thanks to high demand, Emmons is in the process of building a second manufacturing facility in Hawaii.

Learn more about Waiakea Water: http://www.organicauthority.com/Waiakea-Water-Redefines-Sustainable

Here’s What Happens When You Use WEN Cleansing Conditioner For A Week

Many of us have seen the QVC commercials for WEN Cleansing Conditioner in which Chaz Dean, celebrity hairstylist and founder of WEN, makes incredible claims about the product’s ability to restore hair’s shine, softness and overall health. Unfortunately, with so many hair care brands on the market promising to transform hair in just a few days, it can be hard to know who is telling the truth and who is making false promises.

Emily McClure decided to challenge WEN Hair claims by using the Cleansing Conditioner every day for a week. She documented her hair’s progress daily and her hair journal can be read on bustle.com.

Emily picked up a bottle of WEN Cleansing Conditioner because the product promises to transform dull and limp hair into voluminous, soft and shiny locks. WEN backs up these promises with scientific evidence about the damaging effects caused by exposure to chemicals found in most commercial hair care products. Chemicals like sulfates and preservatives strip hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry, dull, frizzy and damaged.

What makes WEN Cleansing Conditioner unique is that its formula contains only natural ingredients that come from plants. Botanical extracts and vegetable glycerin detox the hair of toxic chemicals while providing it with nutrients that keep it clean, soft and healthier than ever.

Each time Emily applied WEN Cleansing Conditioner to her hair; her tresses were fuller and softer than they were the day before. She had never before seen one product make such a dramatic difference.  http://www.sephora.com/healthy-hair-care-kit-P374589.

By the end of the week, Emily was more confident about her hair than she had ever been in her life. Even her friends began commenting on how shiny it looked. Emily concluded that WEN Cleansing Conditioner really lives up to the hype. By applying the product each day, hair is fully transformed from dull and dry to shiny and full of volume.


UKV PLC Delivers Awesome Solutions To The Growing Wine Industry

Wine is one of the most sought after products and its finesse and uniqueness is what places it among the most traded and probably the best products in the market. Wine companies and distributors have come with unique varieties and methods through which they can distribute their products to buyers from various parts of the world.

One of the best performing companies in this industry is UKV PLC wines, which is renowned for its careful selection of wines and the development of solutions to the lack of proper channels of distributing the product.

Before wine is sent to the market, there is the storage phase, which is supposed to be handled carefully lest the company loses products worth a lot of money. Having good storage units helps to keep the product pristine and in the best quality for a long time. UKV PLC manages some of the best storage facilities, which are furnished with the most current technologies and infrastructure. The company has been offering the storage and distribution of wine varieties across different market. UKV PLC works with both small and large distributors and the facilities available are idea for both types of companies.

Enabling easy distribution
One of the problems wine distributors face is locating the right market and embracing the right approach during distribution. The company is linked to highly equipped distributors and brokers, who help to ease this process. The brokers have systems and links that lead them to the right markets and they have channels of distribution that enable faster delivery of wine products to the right market. UKV PLC has been offering support to wine companies to make this process a success and to enable faster deliveries and better services that allow seamless flow of the product between the distributors and the market.

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