Talk Fusion Wins an Award

Talk Fusion has received two awards this year. The latest award is an award by the Technology Marketing Corporation called Communication Solutions Product. According to the event organizers, this award is meant to recognize the one product that has facilitated communications of three things, data, voice or video. This must have happened within a period of one year. The Chief Executive officer of Technology Marketing Corporation said that he was honored and privileged to announce Talk Fusion as the winners of this prestigious award. He referred to Talk Fusion as true leaders of the communication industry and further recognized their products and services as the best in the communication industry.


Talk Fusion was majorly recognized for its Video Chat App. This app uses a technology called WebRTC and has helped people communicate with each other face to face. The app is compatible with many operating systems and can be downloaded at Google Play Stores or on iTunes. The Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Talk Fusion is an entrepreneur called Bob Reina. When receiving this award, he recognized this as just a beginning and promised many good things to come. He also said that the firm was dedicated to staying ahead of the others. On the other hand, the Chief Technical Officer of Talk Fusion is Ryan Page. When receiving this honor, he said that the award is an acknowledgment of the firm’s big goal. He even compared the achievement to something completely priceless. To make things even better, Talk Fusion says there will be free trials for the app. Talk Fusion is very active on several media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep its customers updated about their latest technology and innovations.


Talk Fusion is a company that focuses its efforts on making the world a better place. It often supports animal charities, individuals and even humanitarian disasters such as the Nepal earthquake disaster. Talk Fusion was started in 2007 by Bob fusion and has retained the position of Chief Executive Officer. Currently, Talk Fusion has its presence in more than 140 countries and remains committed to giving back to the community.



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