George Soros urges debt relief, financial revitalization for Ukraine

It may seem odd to some that a hugely successful businessman and investor, worth over $2 billion, and one of the thirty richest people in the world, would have a vested interest in offering bailouts to floundering economies in Eastern Europe. George Soros, however, would tell you that it is not odd at all. He has been heavily involved in the region for many years, and has recently become an advocate for post-revolutionary Ukraine.

Since the Ukrainian Revolution in February of 2014, George Soros has written prolifically about the political and economic state of Ukraine, encouraging support and assistance from the rest of the world.

The Ukraine uprising managed to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, surprising the world. George Soros compares the reason behind this success to quantum mechanics, saying that, just as subatomic phenomena can manifest as both particles and waves, so too can humans behave as an individual or as part of a larger whole. The success of the Ukrainian revolution is due, he says, to this ability to behave as part of a larger whole, with regard for personal safety exchanged for the drive to affect great change within the Ukrainian nation.

In light of this fledgling revolution, Soros writes that both the United States and the European Union have a responsibility to help ensure its continued success. he argues that the Ukrainian people are striving for a nation free of the corruption and policies that led to the downfall of the overthrown government. Unfortunately, revolutions are costly, and the added aggression of Vladimir Putin’s Russia left the country $19 million in debt. This amount unsustainable for a country struggling to maintain itself and establish a new government after revolution, and Ukraine threatens to collapse under the financial strain.

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George Soros – Project Syndicate

To solve this, or at least to alleviate it to the point that Ukraine could struggle to its feet once more, George Soros urges the European Union to take a multi-layered approach to Ukraine’s debt. Firstly, he writes that the debt should be renegotiated. Providing debt relief would take a great amount of strain off an economy already stretched thin. Secondly, political risk insurance to countries and individuals willing to do business with and invest in Ukraine. Making business seem less politically risky could help boost the economy in the new nation as it struggles to its feet. He notes that it would be best if the EU made this insurance free, thus avoiding countries avoiding investment in Ukraine simply because of the cost of political risk insurance. Thirdly, he writes that wealthier countries should consider modest capital infusions directly into Ukraine’s economy.

He reminds world leaders that Ukraine is struggling, but growing and intent on rebuilding a nation that has moved beyond corrupt policies and into a parliamentary democracy, run by the will of the people. However, he cautions, this cannot become a reality without the support of Ukraine’s neighbors. Russia has made it abundantly and violently clear that they will render no aid, and so, he writes, it is up to the EU to combat the potential economic collapse of the Ukraine.

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Protect Your Online Reputation by Burying Bad Articles

Today, millions of people turn to the internet to get information about brands, individuals, and services. It is, therefore, paramount that you maintain a clean online reputation. But how do you achieve this with all the negativity contained in the press news, reviews, and feedback? Employ the services of professional content managers able to bury any content that is injurious to your business or brand.

What are the effects of bad articles to your online brand?

The last thing any business or individual needs is airing their flaws and limitations online. It is also common knowledge on how tabloids and gossip sites take up some negligent mistakes and throw them out of proportion portraying the involved in a bad light. By the time the business or individual gets such negativity into control, their brand will be badly hurt resulting in reduced sales and damaged reputation.

At times, such articles come as a great shock that some of these businesses and individuals never recuperate. Bad articles, whether in good faith or malicious commentaries, if not carefully checked and countered can drive even the largest of corporate or individuals down the drain. Maintaining a clean online reputation is important. Therefore, businesses are urged to embrace the art of burying bad articles.

How do burying bad articles work?

Pulling down online content posted by third parties legally without their consent is practically impossible. However, professionals have devised several ways of making them disappear from the first pages of search engines without raising suspicion. This involves manipulating the search engine results not to rank any negative content about an individual or a company on the first search pages.

However, online reputation management involves more than suppressing the bad and negative content. It calls for continued vigilance on the part of the professional. They make it their primary responsibility to ensure that any negative content about their client never reaches the average internet user.

Bottom line

If your business or online reputation is taking a nose dive in the wrong direction when it comes to online interactions, consider checking for reviews or commentaries online. In case of any negative feedback, review or comment on the first five result pages of the search engine, hire a reliable Bury Bad Articles (BBA) professional.

Helane Morrison Redefines the Role of Chief Risk Officer

Chief Risk Officers are progressively broadening their scope in the contemporary corporate tasks. The CROs role is moving from the historical responsibility of developing and implementing an enterprise risk management framework (ERM) which kept them very busy and also determined the CROs priorities. The CROs share of a company’s expense went into Building risk models, developing a risk function by hiring new people and training them, enhancing systems and policies, establishing policies and their governance and reporting framework.

In most companies, CROs were not appreciated as they increased workloads, changed procedures and operations, heightened risk transparency, and made it necessary for senior management to understand and be able to use complex risk calculations and results.

Due to the CROs involvement in significant business decisions like business strategy, new products and asset liability management, the need to make risk management deeply embedded into the organization has grown. Senior managers have been accepting the CRO as a peer with an obligation and a right to present a critical and independent viewpoint.

To earn acceptance, CROs have needed to show technical expertise and competence in business acumen, communication and negotiation skills, leadership skills, and a commitment to solve issues strategically. This ensures that today’s CRO does not only focus on performance risk oversight identifying things that have, might or will go wrong. Today’s CRO is taking up operational business responsibility when necessary. This ensures that the CRO is viewed as a business partner sharing the same accountability and commitment to the enterprise success as any other person in the company.

Helane Morrison is one of the Chief Risk Officers caught up in the roles evolution. The current Managing Director and the Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners is also a member of the Executive Committee of the firm which she joined in 2007 after heading the San Francisco Office of the United States Securities Exchange Commission. At SEC she worked as a District Administrator and also as Regional Director. Her roles included securities enforcement regulatory matters and litigation in Northern California and also in five states of Northwest.

At some point, Ms. Helane headed the San Francisco SEC office enforcement and represented the body in business, legal, and financial communities with other news media and government agencies. Ms. Morrison has worked with renown law firms like Howard, Rice, Canady, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin. A member of the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association, and the Board of the Regional Parks Foundation, Helane is a regular speaker on compliance and legal topics that affect private funds and investment advisers.

Investment Bankers Like Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is the generation of funds for organizations and corporations. Investments aid in the outweighing of debts for organizations and the government and aid in the creation of extra funds. They guide users on the usage and placement of stocks.

Significant transactions are involved for the success of investment banking. Businesses and organizations collaborate for the achievement of set goals to ensure profits able to sustain the investors have been collected. Successful investment requires crossing organizational and national boundaries while upholding the set rules to set up money generating programs in different regions to minimize risks of losses and multiply the profits.

Martin Lustgarten is an international investor who has developed a sharp look on his clients throughout the globe. He has tirelessly emphasized the need for making early investments. He has eliminated the fears that millions of people had of retiring and of the future.

His efforts have therefore lead to personal development by multiplication of his wealth to high amounts, satisfactoriness, and common development. People no longer fear to retire for the great fear of what they might live on when their careers come to an end. He has therefore severed as a role model, and people have learned to look at and be ready for their quiet time. Through his handiwork, there is little strangeness on what one can do before their quiet time comes.

Martin Lustgarten has shown expertise and professionalism in his work by dedicating his acquired and learned business knowledge in the dealing with the economy problems that arise from time to time. Investment in different regions has minimized risks likely to be obtained by being geographically located in one area hence widening of business knowledge and prosperity. His moves have therefore deeply emphasized on readiness and preparedness. There are little chances of ignorance from the community members on failure to act accordingly for their after-career- lives.

Investment banking is, therefore, a fair and a very winning move for all as it is a high percentage an assurance of personal and societal prosperity, independence from the government for aids and acquisition of impossible levels. Follow Martin Lustgarten on Twitter @mlustgarten2 to learn more.

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In the span of a few years, White Shark Media has grown from a small marketing firm to an essential agency. By forging close relationships with their clients, White Shark Media has been able to help their clients increase their sales by making them more visible to customers, and helping to increase their annual revenue by millions of dollars.

George Soros Explains How A Recession Could Happen In The EU

There are a lot of people who are fighting over whether the UK should leave the EU, and a USA Today article explains how George Soros is warning against a recession if the UK leaves the EU. The problem is that the people of the UK are having a referendum on it, and they could leave the EU without knowing what they are doing to the world economy. George Soros believes that a recession will happen, and he is afraid that that could change things for businesses and people in the EU who are not thinking this through.

Separating the UK from the EU would push a large wedge into commerce, and George Soros believes that the biggest problem could be in economic volume and currency. Currencies around the world could start to fluctuate because of an exit from the EU, and that is a recession that could stretch across the world. George Soros is worried about the UK, but he is also worried that it could have a domino effect in other parts of the world where the economy was not that strong to begin with. The UK has a lot of trade partners, and they could all suffer because of just one misstep.

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George Soros – Project Syndicate

Exiting the EU has been a topic for a long time in the UK, and it is something that a lot of people want to do for selfish reasons. The people who are not looking at the situation from an economic perspective are making life a lot harder for the people in the EU who want to prosper. This is a major problem for the countries of the union who could suffer the most, and George Soros believes that currency trading could be hit the hardest. He made billions in currency trading, and he knows what could happen if volume changes in an instant. He does not want to see a recession, and he does not want the people of the EU to suffer simply because of changing currency values.

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