Your dog or cat is a member of your family so why not feed her just as well as you would your own children. With so many types of pet foods out there which do you choose? Beneful, made by PurinaStore, has dry food, wet food, and dog treats and they’re all made with real meats, vegetables, rice, and fruits.
Purina is passionate about the nutritional health of your dog or cat. Quality is a state and federal requirement that Purina takes seriously. Instead of taking short-cuts, they choose to do what’s right. They use corn and grain instead of sacrificing the two for other ingredients that aren’t as helpful. Corn has protein, which provides energy, and acidic fatty acids. Compared to an apple, corn has twice the antioxidants. Protein provides muscle growth, tissue repair, and energy and grain supports the proteins.

The first of the Beneful Dry variety is the Originals that are made with real chicken, beef, and salmon. Then there’s Healthy Weight made with chicken, apples, carrots, and green beans. Playful Life is made with real beef and egg, blueberries, and spinach. Healthy Puppy is made with chicken, peas, and carrots. Another Beneful Dry food variety is the Incredibites that are also made with real chicken and beef with added vegetables. This variety is available on Amazon.

All the Beneful Wet varieties such as Incredibites, Chopped Blends, and Medleys are made with turkey, chicken, liver, lamb, salmon, or beef and chopped carrots, tomatoes, peas, wild rice, barley, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach. See,

There’s also the Beneful Dog Treats that come in Dental Ridges and Dental Twists to help remove dental plaque and tarter build-up and Baked Delights which come in shortbread cookies, crispy and oven-baked snacks with savory centers.

Why not treat your dog or cat to a healthier, safer way of eating. By choosing Purina Beneful you won’t have to wonder what your pet is eating.


Hire A SEC Whistleblower Attorney For Your SEC Claim

More individuals across the working scope are finding it necessary to report security violations to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). More importantly, there rights as a whistleblower are being protected. An SEC attorney has the expertise to assist you with your SEC claim. A SEC attorney will be highly trained and qualified in the Dodd-Frank program and SEC program. You’ll get the employment protection that you employer refuses to provide. Violators of the securities laws will be prosecuted and your job rights can be secured. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is a recently established program that provides a huge overhaul to the national financial system.

A SEC attorney is concerned with the exclusive rights of a whistleblower. Trying to fight a big corporation on your own can cause your case to be delayed or lost. The rules of the program specify that the SEC is responsible for paying up to 30% to the whistleblower in a monetary sanctions that are collected. There may be other compensation that is available to the whistleblower based on law enforcement and other agencies that decide to take legal action. Hiring an experienced SEC attorney will get you the legal competency that you need to win and collect on your case.

Labaton Sucharow was one of the first legal firms to be established strictly for SEC whistleblower cases. He has led the way in fight for and protecting the rights of people that give information about financial fraud and misuse. Unfortunately, employees can be asked to do things that are against their job requirements and could mean serious trouble for the company in threat of being in violation for security exchange laws. You no longer have to be afraid to report this information believing that you could lose your job. Most people don’t realize that they now have help in fight a large corporation.

Most SEC Whistlblower attorneys offer a free consultation and overview of your case. You’re protected under client-attorney privilege during your consultation. You can also report those claims anonymously if you’re being represented by an attorney. Their goal is to protect your identity along with your rights. Their quality of service should always be in favor of your rights. Clients will receive in house investigators, financial consulting, accounts, and more. Contact your local SEC attorney to find out how to protect your rights as a whistleblower.

The Quick And Helpful Solution Bury Bad Articles Provides

Business owners and self-employed people have to work very hard at promoting themselves. The volume of competition out there is huge. Anyone who puts a lot of effort into internet marketing may be feeling the good results of such work. Blogging two or three times a week to fill up the search engines with solid content definitely helps. The trouble is nefarious people out there may be doing the inverse. In other words, they are publishing negative content about the business. Customers and colleagues see such content. Their opinions may be shaped very negatively as a result.

The search engines end up indexing pretty much anything. If a business’ name is repeated in a multi-paragraph rant from a former employee, the obnoxious rant ends up being listed when a search for the business is performed. As long as this type of negative commentary exists, the words are going to act as a dark cloud that any business’ promotional attempts. And ignoring the problem would be disastrous. Downplaying the seriousness of horrific search engine results sets the course for new customers going elsewhere. Loyal customers may end up becoming highly disloyal.

The best action to take is to counter all those really bad articles. Publishing various positive articles could have a dramatic effect and change persuadable impressions.

The positive articles can take many different forms and cover all sorts of different subjects. An article covering any community work done by the business is likely to change perceptions. At the very least, the continual publication of well-written articles that help a business look good end up driving down the bad articles. To a degree, the search engine results are a numbers game. Those who publish a great deal of content are going to be better represented in the results.

The new articles do have to be of decent length and contain original, thoughtful material. Hiring the company Bury Bad Articles is a way to make sure these goals are achieved. Bury Bad Articles is a new arrival on the online reputation management scene, but the service is sure to make a big splash. Through offering competitive rates and solid service, Bury Bad Articles is likely to help gives its own reputation a deserved boost.

Businesses that are dealing with search engine concerns definitely should work with a company capable of fixing an undesirable mess. Doing so will take a burden off the business and help keep revenue streams flowing.

Portia Kersten Made New CFO At SKOUT

SKOUT has been growing so very quickly, and has become so intimately involved in giving campaigns, that SKOUT management chose to hire Portia Kersten as their new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). She had already been working along side them in her role with their finance house, Andreessen Horowitz. Kersten has a great attention to the key details of business, finance, and technology. One of the reasons she was picked for this position is that she is known to be an efficiency expert, so one of her talents will be applied to keeping the corporate giving as powerful in impact on the target communities they donate to, as possible. She says her hero is the late Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Kersten is a wizard at commanding capital to grow, and has used this gift to help several companies she has been a part of in the past. She has a Columbia University Masters in Business Administration (MBA). As a child she developed a strong reading habit, which has served her well, especially in the area of having a dynamic imagination. Kersten says she can empathize with Shakespeare’s ‘Portia’ in the Merchant of Venice. She has gained great results for many start-up businesses and at General Electric (GE).

She is enthused with SKOUT’s company direction and culture of building a business to last. She believes more women need to learn the art and science of flexibility and rolling with corporate changes, in both business and information processing areas. She especially recommends that more women take on roles in high finance. She is a true leader and does not normally simply follow. Read details in her interview by the Huffington Post.

The SKOUT application runs on smart devices that are connected to the Internet, such as smartphones, tablets, and the new watch phones. It is ready for download and use on iOS, Android, and Windows devices and configurable to use one of 16 languages. SKOUT provides an instant, safe, and fun way to connect strangers with events and more. It is used by untold numbers of SKOUT members in over 180 different countries.

Get the app at

Sanjay Shah and Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah is the founder and current CEO of Solo Group Holdings, which controls Solo Capital Partners of Solo Capital Markets in London. He also owns the company controlling Solo Group Holdings known as Aesa S.A.R.L. January of this year marked Shah’s retirement and his business marked up a net worth of $280 million in US dollars. But beyond the business world, this millionaire also founded Autism Rocks, which works by staging concerts around the world to raise money for Autism, a condition which afflicts his youngest son, Nikhil.
Nikhil was diagnosed with Autism back in 2011 when he kept throwing up his food. Originally put on a food drip, Shah and his wife were directed to a child psychologist as there is an apparent connection between food intolerance and Autism. Sure enough, both had been confirmed. Shah immediately got his son Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy, where studies state 20 hours of it a week should help the child develop faster. This treatment of course is a bit pricey, and although Shah was in a good position to provide for his family, he felt for the families that could not help their children develop at a more natural rate. He started by donating two minibuses to the Dubai Autism Center, which they put an image of Nikhil on the side so Shah can point out which ones they donated to his son. Over time he started to raise money, moving to Jazz music festivals, and eventually Autism Rocks was born.
When interviewed by Eric Dye for Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio, Shah gave business advice, which were “don’t underestimate the amount of money you need to start,” and “don’t assume that you can actually do all of the work yourself.” He also spoke of his afore mentioned motivation behind Autism Rocks, as well as gave us a look into the music this charity concert will be bringing this year. Two top artists this contest will be featuring are Flo Rida and Tyga. At the end of this month their website also notes concerts that will be tributes to Prince, the recently deceased music star gone well before his time. Because of the money Autism Rocks has raised, researchers are finding more about the condition than ever before.


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Wen by Chaz is changing lives

Hair makes a huge difference for people everywhere. People rarely think about it, but a bad hair day can ruin a date, a job interview, or just a day at the mall. Women will try almost anything to get their hair in perfect condition, but unfortunately, many women still struggle to get the best possible hair. Stylists will recommend almost any product to help their client, but women are skeptical of these expensive products.
WEN Hair by Chaz is one of the most popular styling products on the market today. The product was invented by Chaz Dean, a world famous stylist. Chaz Dean wanted women with thin and greasy hair to have a product that would restore their hair to it’s natural beauty. The product has grown in popularity in recent years, but many women remain skeptical of the product.

Bustle is an extremely popular online media outlet like Facebook.  The site has become especially popular with millennials because they are willing to tell the truth about the issues that young people face in the world. Bustle was particularly curious about Wen by Chaz, so they decided to send their top reporter to investigate.

Emily McClure is an extremely talented reporter, but she has always struggled with her hair. She regularly reports dealing with thin and greasy hair and not wanting to go out because of it. She was excited to test this QVC advertised product out, and hopeful that the product could help her hair. After one time washing her hair with Wen, she was incredibly impressed. Her hair was voluminous and had a shine to it. Emily was truly impressed, and the next few days improved her look even more. Emily strongly recommended  Wen hair at the end of the week.

Wen by Chaz is changing the way women treat their hair. Women everywhere are enjoying the results they get from the product.

Visit now.


The Class DoJo App is Building a Better Communication Bridge

The Class Dojo app has become one of the most successful apps for parents that want to stay connected with what their children are doing in the classroom. It is an excellent way to securely send messages to parents. It has also become an efficient way go review points that your son or daughter has earned.

I think that this is a communications platform that makes the relationship between teachers and parents much better. This is why 2 out of 3 schools are going to try to embrace this type of app. It helps parents get a much better understanding of what is going on with their kids even when their children do not communicate their parents.

This is especially helpful with teens because many teenagers are not very talkative when it comes to class work. It is good to have a positive culture in place that that helps people elevate beyond the basics of report cards.

Everything is gravitating towards the apps and smart technology. Class DoJo is the wave of the future, and it is a positive move in the right direction for education.

A lot of parents feel disconnected when they are not able to see what is happening in the classroom. The Class Dojo app fixes that problem. This is a ground up change that takes a different approach to parent and teacher communication. Messages are instant now that this Class Dojo app is available for the millions of parents that have smart devices.

Class Dojo is a positive platform of effective communication in education. It behooves parents to take a look at this app because this is what it takes to build a community. There are tons of people that are looking for opportunities to make schools a better place, and the online community is a good start. This is a great way to build better bridges to education because the connection is strong.

Teachers can also communicate with their students this way. It is one of the best ways to reach kids because the youth is nation of wired individuals. They may forget a written note, but a message through Class Dojo is bound to get their attention. This is an example of what the world needs. This is going to be the ideal way to get connected and keep students aware of the assignments that they have for the rest of the semester.


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Personal Crisis Management Insights from Darius Fisher

Darius Fisher enjoys helping others repair their reputation. Fisher knows good people sometimes get caught up in bad press. They just need a little help dealing with the situation. In a shock, Fisher found himself and his own company in a reputation crisis at one point. In the Huffington Post, Fisher discussed the situation and how it was fixed.

Basically, an executive for the company did something that had nothing to do with Status Labs’ day-to-day operations. The company, however, was pulled into the controversy and had to deal with an exceptionally hostile press. The executive was removed from his position. Leadership changes were implemented.

Soon after, Fisher and staff went to work on repairing the company’s name. There were some bumps to deal with though. Part of the fallout of the media frenzy was the decision on the part of several employees to quit.

In response, Darius Fisher worked hard at establishing a company policy that is both inviting and friendly towards its employees. By creating a family-friendly (and even pet-friendly!) workplace, Fisher helps ensure employees are willing to remain with the company. Fisher knows that any and all companies can suffer unfair damage to a reputation. Employees can end up being made very nervous about such things and may choose to depart the office as a result. By making sure the office is always a positive venue for employees to work, the chances of turnover are lessened regardless of any external factors.

Internal communications was greatly improved. A company newsletter was published to keep employees knowledgeable about news related to the firm. A more informed staff is a more comfortable one.

Fisher also launched strategic partnerships with local businesses. A number of these partnerships focused on charitable work. By connecting Status Labs’ name to philanthropic endeavors, the name was rehabbed quite a bit.

Status Labs is doing well under the leadership of Fisher. He has been honored by PR Week Magazine for his expertise and success. Fisher is frequently a contributing write to many prestigious websites and publications. It is no wonder he was able to turn around the unfortunate mishap that befell Status Labs so quickly. Follow Darius on Twitter @fisherdarius to keep up with his news and events.

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WEN by Chaz and the Fine Hair Test

The Many Claims of WEN

Wen hair by Chaz Dean has made many grand claims about the hair care products. You may have seen the commercials showing off beautiful and healthy hair that blows through the breeze after the use of the cleansing conditioner. It has even been claimed that there is magic in these bottles. One hair care fanatic just had to discover for herself if these claims were true. Putting WEN to the hair test to determine if the claims hold any weight. Can WEN hair care products really transform hair? See, What about fine hair? The truth has come out and will be revealed. This was reported originally on

The Seven Day Test
The Sephora available all-in-one shampoo, styling treatment, and conditioner was put to the test. The seven day test began. This was done to determine if all of the WEN boasting would hold any weight after using it for seven days. There are a large variety of formulations that are available. It depends on your hair texture and needs. If you are looking for added bounce and shine to your fine hair, WEN hair states that you will have the best version at your fingertips. The seven day test was put into place.

The End Result
The before and after images are astounding. The final determination was concluded. WEN came through and did transform fine hair. Fabulous results were the outcome. Added bounce and shine after the seven day test. Healthy and full hair really is at your fingertips with the WEN hair care products.

WEN Hair Care products are also available at

Healthy Hair With WEN
WEN offers a five in one formula that will leave your hair looking and feeling beautiful. A deep conditioning without harsh sulfates will ensure that your hair has the needed natural oils while giving it an added appeal. WEN really is magic in a bottle.

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