Video Marketing Sells

When any new product hits the market, someone must be there to tell people why they should be it. The same goes for new services. Celebrities earn money to appear in commercials, and websites will earn money for simply placing advertisements on the side. This is old school marketing; there’s a new wave of advertising that hits the inboxes of all people with an email address, and it’s winning more clients.

The same reasons that make commercials on television successful apply to the new world of video marketing. An article recently published on the website HelloTesla chronicles the reasons video marketing is so successful where other email marketing techniques have failed. A few video marketing companies are even mentioned.

Talk Fusion figures into both categories. The company was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina, and started the video marketing craze. Through their servers, a customer can embed a video into an email instead of a link to the video. Before anyone asks, yes, that does make a difference in the effectiveness of the video. There’s no longer a need to look for the hyperlink, or to read through blocks of text on a phone or computer screen.

Furthermore, Talk Fusion has over 1,000 templates that are ready to use. Once a user feels comfortable with the layout, they can create their own template and create a video to send out using that particular template. These templates cover a variety of situations and occasions that could call for any kind of video marketing. Combine this feature with the before-mentioned ability to directly embed the video into the email, and Talk Fusion was onto something long before the rest of the world was.

Video marketing of itself has the ability to captivate a possible customer’s attention. Attention spans are shrinking; there’s no denying that as sites begin to integrate shorter paragraphs and more photographs. To combat that, the marketing game has had to evolve to mean less text on a page, and more up and go in a video. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth now?

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