Fashion’s Weekly Best as Captured by Vogue

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It is true that high fashion attire is no longer limited to classy dinner parties, fashion shows, or award shows. In fact, the celebrities that we love so much regularly demonstrate to us that fashion is important and that being fashionable is a daily achievement. People eagerly await photos of their favorite, trendy celebrity to surface. Thankfully, Vogue brings us these photos each week, and the fashion icon compiles a list of the best-dressed celebrities of the week.

Into the Week of April 4, 2016

Kirsten Dunst

The cherubic faced actress was spotted in London wearing a Max Mara blazer, a Gucci dress, and a Roger River bag. Dunst was looking trendy in London to promote her upcoming sci-fi film “Midnight Special.”


The glamorous singer was spotted on March 30 walking down the street in New York City. She was wearing a beautiful black, knee-length coat, and Dior shoes and sunglasses. Rhianna maintained her edgy flare with this outfit and looked camera ready while doing it.

Jessica Alba

She was spotted in New York City just a day before Rhianna on March 29. The beauty was noted as wearing a Brock Collection coat.

GiGi Hadid

We would expect nothing less than incredible fashion from this beauty as she was spotted in New York City on March 25. She was wearing a Jonathan Cohen blazer and pants, Komono sunglasses, and People Footwear sneakers. She truly dazzled photographers as the lady in red.

Diane Kruger

Adorned with Chloe shoes and a Tod’s bag in Paris on March 30, Kruger was in the fashion capital to promote her new movie “Sky.”

Alexa Chung

Spotted in New York City on March 25, Chung was wearing black pants, a white button-down top, and an impressive tri-colored fur coat. She walked like the street was her runway!

Taylor Swift and Lorde

The friends were spotted together on March 25 in LA. The attention was on T-Swift and her Isabell Marant coat and Prada shoes.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely

On March 29, Rosie was spotted in LA in a gorgeous Isabell Marant white dress. Her hair was tucked into a classy, messy bun.

Kendell Jenner

The last of the list is Miss Jenner who was seen on March 31 in LA. She was supporting her brother-in-law by wearing a Yeezy Season 3 jacket and Aquazzura shoes. She may have been trying to hide from photographers, but the comfortable and trendy attire could not.

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