Mike Paul Join Forces With Online Reputation

When you first meet someone in today’s business world, reputation is based on the appearance that you have online. Your personality and appearance still counts for something, of course. However, the person you are meeting with has likely already searched for your name, and what comes up on their computer or phone screen should show you as a trustworthy and credible individual. The more positive links, articles and media that comes up when they search for your name, your company’s name or associates names, the more dignified and credible you will appear. This is part of the reason a person or company partners, networks or refers another party, and honestly, it is a big part of what makes a party successful in today’s world.

What To Expect From Online Reputation Management

If you would like to better understand what online reputation management is all about, then you should spend some time doing research on Status Labs and Mike Paul. There was a recent article about the two parties joining forces to help work with clients on their online appearances. Broadwayworld.com wrote the piece, and it features some quotes from both parties that show how they relate to one another. There is a large amount of respect shown from each party because they are high up the totem pole in the world of online reputation management. Mike Paul is known as the Reputation Doctor. He has actually been doing this for 25 years, and he has an incredibly long list of major companies that he has assisted, such as GM, Kraft Foods and the Peoples’ Republic of China.

Status Labs welcomes Mike Paul into their board. The company works with clients in 35 countries to offer services of online reputation management, link removal and other services. Their goal is to help clients in any industry maintain a trustworthy online presence that shows how the client is unscrupulous in every regard. They offer consultations to any interested parties also. Together, Status Labs and Mike Paul will have a wide reach to fight for a dignified online presence for their clients.

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