How YouTubers Use Fame

When achieving fame, many YouTubers have different uses for it. Some YouTubers use fame in order to build their brand. Then there are other YouTubers who use the fame in order to send a message. There is one thing that all famous YouTubers have in common, they provide the viewers with something. If a YouTuber provides viewers with something that they could benefit from, then they are likely to gain fame. However, there is a lot of marketing that needs to be done in order for someone to gain fame as a YouTuber.

One famous YouTuber that provides a lot of substance for her viewers is Wendy Huang, known as Wengie. What Wengie provides is life tips in order to help one feel better about herself. One of the ways this helps is by helping her viewers find their best look. Wengie understands that society places a lot of value on how a person looks. Because of that, many people assess their value by their own appearance. Wengie does tutorials on many different pieces of makeup and applying them. She also teaches people how to remove the make up when it is time to go to sleep so that it doesn’t make a mess for them.

Wengie is very unique and she allows herself to be unique. She doesn’t try to be a copy of anyone else. She allows herself to stand out instead of trying her best to fit in. As a result, she is met with a lot of fans that truly like her for who she is. She also teaches people how to be their authentic selves in her YouTube videos. Among the topics that she talks about is avoiding label and stereotypes. She advises people to not let others label and define them. She teaches people how to define themselves.

Wengie herself has experienced the attempts to label and stereotypes. She has people accuse her of trying to be someone different. However, she is the type of person that likes to experiment in different looks. For one thing, it is one way to keep from being bored with herself. It is a good thing to experiment with different looks so that one could find the look that she is most satisfied with. Wengie and other famous YouTubers can help with this quest as they provide videos that are meant to encourage and help people find their look.

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