Up-Close with the OSI Group and Their Quest to Entrepreneurial Dominance

The OSI Group has recently announced the acquisition of Baho Food as a strategy to diversify its presence in Europe. The Food Company specializes in snacks, deli meats and convenience foods to match the tastes and preferences of customers. Mr. David McDonald, the C.O.O and President of OSI, has lauded the company’s new acquisition as it attempts to venture into the highly profitable European market on careersinfood.com. By acquiring Baho, OSI has strengthened its capacity to serve the emerging needs of consumers.

Despite acquiring the Food Company, OSI has opted to retain its managing director, John Balvers and his preexisting team of managers. Their presence is expected to boost customer attraction and retention across its five subsidiaries in Netherlands and Germany. Companies such as Q Smart Life and Henri van de Bilt have made remarkable success on LinkedIn across Europe. As part of the OSI Group, Baho is in a prime position to capitalize on the company’s capabilities and extensive experience.

OSI Group’s Place on Forbes America’s Largest Private Companies List

The Illinois-based meat processing company has recently earned the n0.75 spot on Forbes Largest Private Companies List. Such a position is based on the firm’s revenues compiled at the end of the fiscal year. According to verified data on provisioneronline.com, the OSI Group earned $ 4.62 billion in 2007, which is a 10% revenue increment from the previous financial year. Such high profits are attributed to their diverse range of products which include bacon, hot dogs, Nation Pizza Products and poultry.

OSI Group Procures UK Flagship Europe

The UK Flagship Europe has become the latest acquisition made by OSI Group as it explores new territories. The acquired entity specializes in the production of foodservice products across the U.K as well as poultry products, sauces and mayonnaise. While addressing an audience of journalists and employees, Mr. Russell Maddock, Flagship Europe’s C.E.O, has hailed the positive impacts made by the lucrative acquisition by OSI. As a subsidiary of the company at http://www.foodprocessing.com/top100/profiles/osigroup/, Flagship Europe is set to receive countless benefits such as access to new clients and more resources at their disposal.

The British Safety Council Awards OSI Group with 2016 Globe of Honor

Things are looking up for the OSI Group, and their Globe of Honor Award is a testament to the remarkable feats achieved within a short time. The Award was presented specifically to the firm’s excellent environmental management and reduction of environmental hazards. Before an organization is considered worthy of the prestigious award, it is expected to achieve a five-star rating from the British Safety Council based on their environmental management initiatives.

Atlanta Hawks Lawsuit for Ferry Settlement

Bruce Levenson is the partner and co-founder of the United Communications Group. He also owns the Atlanta Spirit, LLC. Moreover, Levenson wrote for the Washington Star and Observer Publishing. Since 2015, he served as a Director for the TechTarget, Newsletter, and Electronic Publishers Association.

In his philanthropic endeavors, Levenson has stood as the President of the I Have a Dream Foundation of Washington. Levenson attended the Washington University and earned himself a Bachelor of Arts degree and a J.D from the American University.

Just recently, a lawsuit was filed against the New Hampshire Insurance Company for breach of contract in the Superior Court of Fulton County. The dispute involved the former Hawks Ownership Group that included Bruce Levenson and not the current group led by Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler. The Atlanta Hawks Basketball Entertainment (AHBE) had been insured against losses related to employment practices including wrongful termination and workplace torts. In June 2015, AHBE presented their claim for a ferry settlement believed to be covered.

However, Ferry and Hawks ended up with a buyout agreement that was undisclosed to AHBE. The agreement ended a relationship of a six-year $18 million contract that started in 2012. Later on, they claimed that there were no ties between the principal parties. According to the court documents, the liability attained was sufficient enough to attract a claim according to the contract’s policy. It stated that the insurance company refused to acknowledge the claim as per the policy coverage. It was without reasonable justification and in bad faith. The company had no evidence to claim that there was no coverage or claim made by AHBE. The complaint also includes a 50% penalty for unpaid loss and attorney costs. Both parties have restrained from further commenting on the lawsuit.

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Tips on How to Become a Press or Print Model and Brown Modelling Agency

About Brown Modelling Agency

Brown Agency refers to a commercial modeling and talent agency that was founded in the Spring of 2010. It forms part of the well-known ‘The Brown Agency‘ family and has worked hard to become part of the leading players in the industry. The agency had aspirations to establish some big market standards and expectations that people in Austin had not heard about.

Models from the Austin-based modeling agency have managed to work with huge brands such as Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Dell and many others. They have also graced various runways in Austin, Dallas, New York during the fashion weeks. The agency president is Justin Brown who believes his agency is as great as the talent it possesses. The agency always goes for the best, prepares them well and produces elegant, dependable and professional talent.

Fabletics Customer Relationship Management Increases Sales

Women are very social beings. Studies have shown that after a stroke, women regain their communication skills faster than men. The top fashion eTailers are creating powerful personal contact, communication and support systems to sell their clothing.



What Do Women Want?


Business success is very simple: discover what your customers want and provide it to them.” The difficulty is “finding out what your customers want.” In the fashion industry, this can be even more challenging.


Fashions change all the time. What might be hot in one region, might be gauche in another. Every season, there are new entries.


Of course, each woman has her own special look, style and color scheme. Many women will want to “browse” fashion selections – offline or online – to see what is available.



Fashion Cache


Elite women want to look trendy at all times. They might purchase fashion magazines to make sure they know the latest “do’s and don’ts” or they could simply subscribe to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics line of haute couture fashion.


These Fabletics are soft, comfortable apparel for the active woman. They are great for yoga, hitting the gym or running a few miles. They are also nice for “me” time, when the children are at school and the husband is at work.



Trendy Look


Once Fabletics solidifies its membership list, the customer can browse online or offline at their leisure. Why not save the women time? The modern customer relationship management (CRM) software can ask the woman what type of clothes, she is interested in. What price range and colors, does she prefer?


Just as you get a list of “favorites” when you visit YouTube, you can also get a list of “possible” Fabletics apparel, you might be interested in. Then you can take the next step and visit a physical store.



Change Wardrobe


This Fabletics “reverse showroom” technique saves all parties, valuable time. The wealthy female customer does not have time to waste. She knows that Fabletics understands her “needs for speed.” Fabletics knows what “women want.”


Having Kate Hudson run the Fabletics line of clothing gives you instant “street cred.” You know she understands the celebrity, model and glamorous life style. You might see her in another movie, wearing her Fabletics.


How does the clothing look on real people?


Kate creates special events, providing personal invitations to Fabletics members. These can help the customers actually see how the clothing looks on real people. It gives them creative ways to mix-and-match ensembles.


All of this has resulted in store visitors, who are primarily members. Fabletics is kind of like an exclusive club. It has not only attracted the social fervor of women, but has surrounded them with successful women who can be their role models.


With the cutting-edge personal touch, Fabletics customer relationship management has continued to increase sales. It is operating in the top American markets. It has created a deeper relationship that satisfies women’s high-end fashion needs.


Improving Education

There are many people today who think that the education system in the United States could use a lot of changes. However, few people are actually spending time and money to help in that process. Keith Mann is someone who is passionate about changing education for the better in his local area. Over the years, he has donated millions of dollars to improving education. He knows what it takes to change local communities, and he is willing to spend his time and money to accomplish those goals.


Keith Mann


When he was young, Keith Mann was only interested in starting and running companies. Although Mann had a lot of success in business, he still wanted to make a bigger impact on the world. Over the years, he started to spend a lot more time and money helping other people. In the coming years, he has a lot of plans for increasing how much he gives to local schools and other charities.


Final Thoughts


There are many people who want to make a positive impact on the world around them. If you are someone who is ready to take your life to a new level, giving to others is one of the best things that you can do. Keith Mann has done a great job of helping schools in the New York area get to the next level. He believes in helping others any way that he can. With all of the changes in technology that are coming to education, now is the perfect time to invest money into this area.

Chaz Dean’s WEN Hair Care Line Can Tame The Most Unmanageable Hair

Each and every bottle of WEN Hair cleansing conditioner is made with Chaz Dean’s special 5 in 1 formula, which is the secret behind what makes the product so effective. Women with all hair types are able to use WEN, this includes hair that is damaged or dried out from coloring or products with harsh chemicals. More importantly, WEN cleansing conditioners are all natural, containing no harsh chemicals within the formula. Part of their design was to ensure that they could remove product and chemical buildup from other hair care items.

WEN cleansing conditioners conveniently come in a variety of different scents to choose from, and they can be ordered right online from several different retailers, including Sephora, Ebay, and even Amazon. Each bottle averages around $40, which makes hair care much more affordable than going to a stylist or salon on a regular basis. Chaz specifically designed his product with the price, as he wanted women of all budgets to be able to gain results on their hair.

For more than a decade now, WEN cleansing conditioners have been helping thousands of women gain beautiful and healthy hair, both at a convenient and low price, all while being delivered to the front door. There are even women out there who put up some good reviews on the WEN products, including Emily McClure from Bustle.com, which wrote on her experience using WEN for a week. After facing longtime issues with her fine hair, WEN brought her fullness and shine that she hadn’t seen in years, and she was ultimately inspired to keep WEN as a part of her normal routine. The proof is in her review as well as the photos of the before and after using WEN. No matter how unruly the hair, WEN cleansing conditioners are worth a try for such a great price.


Thor Halvorssen Shows how to use Endless Energy

Thor Halvorssen is one of those people who has figured out that people’s fascination with celebrity can and does help bring a call to people fighting for freedom. Halvorssen is the founder of Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Human Rights Foundation, Oslo Freedom Forum, and the Moving Picture Institute. He is a descendant of Simon Bolivar, the man who helped get the Spanish out of Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Panama. Halvorssen now brings the drive Bolivar used to get freedom in South America to as many people in the world as he can.

Halvorssen has made sure that dissidents have their voice heard. That sometimes means that he will counsel that it is good for dissidents to cultivate celebrities that helped them get free. He will also go after celebrities that accept money from dictators to perform. Such notable celebrities that he has used the shaming on has created firestorm of unwanted attention by the press, causing loss of fans and revenue. Understanding celebrity has allowed for him to make make a bigger impact because of social media than any money he might spend.

The first human rights group that Thor Halvorssen founded was the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, or FIRE. The problems he saw was that there was an attempt at indoctrination at many universities. Halvorssen did not like that professors are constantly trying to get students to believe the same as the dictator that imprisoned his father and shot his mother. He then founded the Human Rights Foundation, or HRF. With a small staff, HRF not only monitors celebrities, but also dictators, no matter what side of the political spectrum they are on. That led him to start the Oslo Freedom Forum to bring dissidents a bigger stage to be heard. The bigger stage is the same one that the Nobel prizes are awarded.

Whether Thor Halvorssen is fighting to give all students the ability to think freely, dissidents freedom, or working on movies, he uses the same amount of endless energy. He is considered conservative by many, but he has proven the willingness to work with people all over the political spectrum. He does this so people are not imprisoned for political reasons like his father and cousin. He also does not want them shot like his mother.

ClassDojo Has Developed A Special Education Platform To Help Students Have A Better Learning Experience

ClassDojo has been making waves in schooling communities around the country since it was first released back in 2011. This is all thanks to the revolutionary educational platform they developed for students to help improve their quality of learning. Unlike most other companies on the market they have released platforms for education, ClassDojo’s application was majorly designed to improve the quality and amount of communication between parents, teachers, and especially students. The level of engagement students have in the classroom has been declining over the years, and this is especially true for young children that do not have the guidance or support from their parents and peers.

Students are able to feel much more connected with their schooling when they have the support and encouragement of their parents as well as teachers. This is why parents are able to stay in contact with teachers at all times throughout the day, and they can also check in on their child’s progress with their work as well as their behavior. This also saves parents and teachers a lot of time, since they no longer need to schedule parent teacher conferences and work around busy schedules. Instead, they can directly communicate and send information to keep each other informed through the ClassDojo platform.

One of the best parts about ClassDojo’s program is that it is completely free for everyone to take part in. All that is needed is a modern device with an internet connection and an invitation from a classroom’s teacher to join in on the experience. There are special features that cost money, but are completely optional and only help fund the application for the future.

ClassDojo was made with ease of use in mind, and this is precisely why it was developed so that even children or those with no experience using technology could get into it. On top of this, ClassDojo supports a variety of different languages for maximum compatibility as well as the majority of different devices on the market, as long as it has an internet connection. Based on what ClassDojo has been able to accomplish in a relatively short amount of time, with a completely free application, they are sure to make big changes in the schooling community in the coming years.

Joining As A Magnises Member Is The Start To Having More Fun

Life can take a toll on anyone, especially if they don’t go out and have fun once in a while. Millennials know how to do it because they have so much fun that they are the envy of people who are their junior or senior because this group of people enjoy themselves a whole lot more than others. Being a member of Magnises is something that many millennials are doing now, especially since tens of thousands have joined to become a member. What is Magnises you ask? Magnises is only one of the best creations of this century for young adults.

Aside from giving young people a great way to get discounts they want when they make purchases, there are also discounts given for their hotel stays, drinks, bottle service, food and more. Magnises even has lifestyle perks that have passes that are added to the membership to give the user more discounts and special access to certain events and places, even when it comes to the professional life of the person getting the pass. Magnises is an overall movement that was compacted into a membership, but there’s almost no part of a person’s life that can’t be improved by having a Magnises membership.

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It’s first important to say that the Magnises membership isn’t free because nothing that is valuable is given for free. The membership for Magnises is $250 but pays for itself, sometimes, it can even pay for itself within a single week or a few days, depending on how often the card is used and what it’s used for. There are many members of Magnises who like to go out to party, and the bottle service gives them free bottles of alcohol, which very quickly and easily can top the $250 membership fee. Even a Magnises Plus member can gain back their membership fee in no time.

Magnises Plus is an advanced membership that has extra perks and costs $1000 per year, but with a gold card being given to the members as well as some great services, anyone who is a Magnises Plus member will tell you that it’s one of the best memberships they have. Having a regular membership to Magnises is still great because the perks just won’t stop. Along with being invited to some exclusive events, whether they are for Magnises members or for anyone with the right credentials, Magnises members can also get VIP treatment and seating.

There are times when seating has to be reserved, and Magnises has no problem reserving seats for their own people, which means that having the membership becomes necessary to get great seats in certain events, especially in places like the Hamptons. Going out to restaurants and bars can be a lot more fun with the Magnises membership, especially for those who like to do taste testing, which happens a lot of times when there are get-togethers for restaurant openings and more that are open to Magnises members. Magnises offers so much to their members that everyone should join.

See the benefits at Magnises.com
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Cleanse with WEN

If you’ve ever tried co-washing, then what I say may be off little surprise…. If you don’t know what co-washing is, I’ll explain: it’s when you use a simple cleansing conditioner instead of using two bottles of hair stuff, and it’s simple and easy (and good for your wallet!).

Here are a couple of reasons why:

  1. It means less time in the shower. You’ll love how cleansing your hair only takes 5 minutes. You can get a head start on your day this way.
  1. It’s cheaper. You only need to buy one bottle of cleanser (which also conditions!).

So, if you need a place to look for where to start, try WEN hair by Chaz Dean. WEN is an excellent brand that makes many fine hair care products, and you can easily afford their products. If you need something to follow up their cleansing conditioner, look for their anti-frizz hair gel! WEN hair have been working on perfecting their products for many years, and you will love how everything you find fits into your lifestyle.

If you need help finding them, just look online on Facebook, or ask your local retailer like Guthy-Renker where you can find WEN products. It’s as easy as that, and you’ll love the results you get.