Organo Gold Coffees: Finding a Healthy Coffee Brand

For many people, coffee is part and parcel of their daily lives. Drinking coffee has been linked to conditions such as insomnia, dehydration, and even anxiety. However, some studies have proved that coffee also has some benefits. Two studies conducted in both the US, and Europe, showed that coffee can reduce the risk of death. With these research outcomes, more and more people are looking for coffee brands that are full of nutrients. Read the reviews at

Organo Gold Coffees

One of the best organic coffee brands is Organo Gold. The company is widely known for its products, which include teas. When you are looking for healthy coffee brand to try, you should consider companies which have a wide range of products to choose from.

One of the reasons why Organo Gold products are loved by consumers is because they contain a nutritious herb known as ganoderma. For centuries, the herb has been used by Asians to treat various conditions. The herb is like a mushroom, and it is known to boost one’s immunity, and fight free radicals. Shop now at

If you are looking for a brand that speaks for itself, Organo Gold should be top on your list of beverages to try. The good news is that you can also make some money while at it. Many coffee lovers have found jobs at Organo Gold, as distributors. All you have to do is buy the products, and sell them to people around you. You can also take advantage of their discounts if you are a loyal customer.

What most people do not know is that Bernardo Chua, the founder of Organo Gold has a foundation called OG Cares Foundation. The organization has led community development initiatives in the countries where are based. Their multi-level marketing program has also created jobs for residents in their countries in which they operate.

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Aloha Construction is an interesting company. The company specializes in a few jobs yet they go much more beyond that. The company was founded nine years ago and has since had tremendous success. The company has locations in Illinois but provide services for those living throughout Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Aloha Construcion specializes in the areas of roofing, siding, gutters, and door/window work. Each job is performed by highly trained professionals. Customers are often very satisfied with the services by this company. Roofers for Aloha Construction are tremendous. They perform a thorough inspection to every single roof that they work on. They make sure that they pick the best style and materials for a given roof. Siding is another process that Aloha Construction workers specialize in. While the process is daunting to perform alone, workers here will make the job look easy. They will pay very close attention to the tiniest details of their work. They will make sure that your siding protects your home and also gives it a personal feel that you will love. Gutters are another job that you should let Aloha Construction take on. Gutters aren’t terribly hard to work on however there is one issue, they are on the roof. Nobody enjoys getting on their roof and trying to safely maneuver around. Instead of risking injury, let the trained professionals from this company do the job for you. Workers will make sure that water will be properly expelled away from your home. Water that builds up from improper gutter alignment can cause leeks and water damage. If you have any second thoughts about your gutters, give Aloha Construction a call. Finally, this company can help you with your next door/window job. Both doors and windows require a lot of work to be properly installed. Although the job may seem quite simple it can actually become tricky. Doors are very heavy and trying to properly align them can be a challenge in itself. Windows are also difficult to install. They have to be perfectly sealed. Contact Aloha Construction for help with your next job and more


News Watch Inspiring the World Review

NewsWatch TV captures coverage all around the world to provide customers exactly what they want and expect. As a television series, its primary goal is to reach out to customers on a global scale. In order to do some of that, some collaborating could be in order and each party could easily get an even gain in profits. NewsWatch is able to reach over 95 million people who watch their show, which is one of the reasons why they have come such a long way. With the help of providing sales on electric gear, such as headphones as high top demand was a great help on that stretch of business.

Electronic Phones, Entertainment, brand new Television sets, and computers were always on top of the markets for NewsWatch TV. If the world had one outlet to rely on in the near future, NewsWatch would be the top choice for millions of global customers. Articles sport the fascination for the best tech gadgets and new technological wonders that would soon be a new rage. Personal home entertainment theater experience is what families love to have the best technology offered. NewsWatch offers promotions for online movie streaming, music streaming from well-known platforms.

NewsWatch reaches beyond just entertainment, by promoting artistic expression through photography by providing various choices in spectacular cameras and ways of printing photos. They keep a good watch an overview of apps, both present and upcoming to keep their global audience well informed about what is trending. Even overview of the brand new technology, ranging from the smallest of cell phones being almost the size of a quarter. Customers would be able to stow it anywhere without worrying about dropping it. The most wonderful part about NewsWatch besides their eye on unique technological creations is how much they care about their viewers.

Malcolm CasSelle Unites Cryptocurrencies and The Online Marketplace

The growth of cryptocurrencies almost seems to have happened overnight. This left many of us feeling that we may have missed out on a huge investment opportunity while others want to stay as far away from the stuff as possible. But what exactly can you do with this cryptocurrency once you have it? One of the growingly common things to do with cryptocurrencies is to buy skins for your online gaming characters. Because the game is entirely online it only makes sense to pay with digital currency. This allows people to obtain things for online gaming while ensuring that no scamming is present. That is due largely to the blockchain technology that goes hand in hand with all cryptocurrencies. As the popularity of cryptocurrencies rises so will the payment for online goods using them.

The rise of this transaction will be ushered in by people like Malcolm CasSelle. CasSelle is a lifelong entrepreneur who has been a part of a variety of business ventures in the technology sector throughout his whole career. Currently, CasSelle is both the President of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) and the Chief Information Officer of the online company OPSkins. WAX allows you to exchange a variety of cryptocurrencies online for a variety of other currencies. This allows you then buy items on other websites such as his OPSkins business venture. This allows gamers to have unique and one of a kind items for their online characters. This unique marketplace ensures customers that they are getting exactly what they are paying for and don’t have to worry about being scammed on the sometimes untrustworthy internet. The age of cryptocurrencies is just beginning. What we now know as the way we use and interact with money may be extremely different from how we will view currency in the next 50 years. Only time will tell which avenue the world will follow. Malcolm CasSelle received a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from both The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University respectively. As our technology advances and we are able to do more online, we will need people like CasSelle to lead the way.

Dr. Jennifer Walden and Her Passion for Health

Excellence comes from a constant and unceasing dedication to quality service. It is the power to touch lives. It is the desire to serve the humanity and to create more modest ways of earning a living without transferring the risk to someone else. This belief is what shapes the entire philosophy and work ethic of the plastic surgeon Jennifer Walden.

Passion for Excellence

Dr. Jennifer’s passion for high quality and excellent service may have come from the fact that she was the salutatorian among her graduates at the University of Texas Medical Branch located in Galveston. It is this continuous search and passion for excellent service that got her to continue working on a lot of projects. After completing an aesthetic fellowship course in plastic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat hospital, Dr. Jennifer started pursuing a long career in the practice of plastic surgery in New York City before returning to where she was born back in 2011.

It is also Dr. Jennifer’s passion for quality work that drove her to write a book on the plastic surgery methods in modern times. The book is called Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, which is a reference book guide for anyone wanting to pursue the profession.

For eight years now, Jennifer Walden focuses on the many aesthetic sectors of plastic surgery. With extensive practice in rhinoplasties, facelifts, eyelid enhancements and augmentations, she has now built under her name a reputation for high-quality service for all her clients.

Dr. Jennifer also prides in the fact that there’s not a lot of women doctors who pursue plastic surgery today and yet she still pushes on. She desires to go for excellent work that also made her want to be a plastic surgeon even if not many women want to tackle the path track.

With more than 8,100 board-certified plastic surgeons working in the industry today, 851 of them are female, and that makes it even more impressive to see that Dr. Walden pushes on with her degree.

Truly, it is the desire to help other people in the best possible manner possible that pushed Jennifer Walden, a doctor based in Austin, Texas, to be the best plastic surgeon that she is.

Glen Wakeman – A Man With a Plan

With a 21-year business development and Profit and Loss management background at GE Capital, Glen Wakeman has successfully managed to accomplish a highly successful recognition as a board member, CEO, Investor, and mentor – in many business respects – throughout his glorious career over the years. His passion is that of building businesses through business strategic applications and through the performances of motivated, determined and skillful individuals.


His 5 key dimensions of performance is the foundation on which his business building applies. These 5 dimensions are dedicated to the assessment and improvement realms of performance, which are: leadership, human capital, executive, risk management and governance, all which has allowed Mr. Wakeman success in becoming one of the most winning businesses developers in the industry. With this system, he directly applies the components to the very company founded and presided by Mr, Wakeman himself, Nova Four, a business that specifically provides strategic advice for developing companies.


Glen Wakeman is a coach for CEO’s and board members, but he also works closely with early-stage entrepreneurs, offering them online business planning services through a successful startup platform called: People are absolutely grateful for the kit in helping them to stay focused on aspects of an idea that is most important and scraping what isn”t. Launchpad was started with a brilliant idea for the talented idea generators of the world to best help them put their ideas into a plan for execution.


Some of Glen Wakeman’s previous successes included that of turning around and transforming a Bank, where he would hold the position as CEO and president. He would take the bank from an inefficient position to a $2.7 billion operation over his tenure. With this company success, came many prestigious awards and each one was definitely well deserved (DailyForexReport).


With this success came others, such as with GE Capital, where he would build a 9-country operation from a startup into a $2 billion company, hiring over 17,000 employees over the course of the process.


The list goes on as to how much of a success he has been throughout his career. Partnerships, innovative products, network building and more, his name reigns and so does his reputation.


Doctor Mark Holterman Uses Over 20 Years of Experience To Help Others

Doctor Mark Holterman (CEO of Mariam Global Health) has been using over 20 years of professional experience to help others. He is constantly researching new treatments and performing surgery on patients. While doing all of this, he also finds the time to educate others as a professor at the University of Illinois.


Dr. Mark Holterman’s organization, Miriam Global Health, works with medical companies in order to find solutions to health concerns and encourages global investment in health-related businesses.


Dr. Holterman supports many health and medical charities including the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN). The IPSAC-VN works with medical schools and hospitals to help sick children receive the latest and most advanced surgical treatments (MedicalDailyTimes).


Unfortunately, the world has a great need for pediatric care. Organizations like IPSAC-VN and CSI ask for financial support and for medical professionals to volunteer their time and skills. The children’s surgeries they perform may be major or minor. Common surgeries include brain surgery, tumor removal, heart surgery, and organ transplants.


Dr. Mark Holterman never stops working to make the world a better place. He is a full professor, businessman, surgeon, philanthropist, and researcher. He not only provides financial support for these charities, he also donates his time and skills.


Some other accomplishments by Dr. Mark Holterman include authoring many peer-reviewed papers and medical texts on the subject of bariatric surgery. He has also done cutting-edge research in stem cell therapy, cancer, and diabetes.


Dr. Mark Holterman has been working as a full professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine since 2011. He has two offices in Illinois. One is in the village of Maywood and the other office is in Peoria. He is also an attending pediatric surgeon at Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Hospital of Illinois.

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Perry Mandera Technological Innovation Drives Business

Imagine, enormous tracker-trailer barreling down the interstate while transporting products to their destination. Consumers depend on these goods and services, and Perry Mandera delivers on those expectations each day. Chicago-native, Perry Mandera is owner and President of Custom Company, a transportation company based in Illinois. Just 22 years old, Mandera started the business after his honorable discharge from the Marine Corp. Mandera honed his driving skills in the US Marine Corp that took determination. Over the years, Mandera utilized technological innovations that boost efficiency.


The Custom Company has implemented three distinct technologies that move to stop inefficiencies. The cheetah Dispatch System is one of those technologies that allow driver access to real-time information. Drivers utilize a tablet-style database with vital load information that reduces paperwork. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) enables clients to track their products in Custom’s Warehouse with a digital platform. Clients can see their product throughout the logistics process. The Dock Management System (DMS) is a technology which has completely streamlined the delivery process that saves time, energy and money. The loads utilize a bar code process that eliminates costly mistakes. Mandera wisely implemented these cost-saving technologies that eliminate logistical inefficiencies.


A critical component, The bill of lading (aka BoL) is paramount in trucking logistics (CustomCares). The BoL provides proof of contractual carriage, receipt of products and instrument of title to products; these are legally binding in cases of dispute. BoL serve to protect parties in regards to damage products, unpaid carrier load, and inaccurate shipping orders, and they can even be transferred to a third party. Accordingly, The Custom Company advocated for online BoL that clarified legal responsibilities.


Perry Mandera accomplished many business endeavors over the years, but his utilization of technologies has proved most vital. Technologies have aided his business in areas of, efficiency, driver experience, and time management. The Custom Company has experienced exponential growth and success.

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Stream Energy: Providing Energy to the Northeastern States

Stream Energy is an energy providing company which was established in Dallas, Texas in August 2004. The company was created because of the state’s need an additional energy supply, but after more than a decade of operating, the company decided to set its eyes to clients who are living in the northeastern region of the United States. The northeast region, or more commonly known as New England, has some of the coldest winters in the United States. People who are living in states within New England needs more energy for heat and power, and for them to survive long, cold winters. Stream Energy knew that the demand for energy in this region increases every winter, so they decided to fix their documents and papers, and set off on a journey to bring more energy to the country.


One of the latest additions to the states that they are servicing is Delaware, a small state in the eastern portion of the country. Delaware has cold winters, and they need additional energy to create more power and heat. Stream Energy infiltrated the city and provided them with what they need, and the citizens of Delaware thanked the company for their concern, and for the products and services that they are offering. The energy supplied by Stream Energy is considerably cheaper, compared to its competitors. Some residents of Delaware also began switching their energy provider, alarming the big players in the industry. Stream Energy, on the other hand, welcomed the moved by some citizens of the state to shift to their products and services (


Stream Energy continues its expansion projects, especially in the northeastern part of the country. Currently, eight states enjoy the cheap and reliable energy being supplied by Stream Energy. Washington D.C. is also included in the list of areas that they serve. Stream Energy promised their clients that more facilities will be opened in years to come and that more states will be on their list. Stream Energy continues to dominate the energy market, beating other small time players in the same industry. They are hoping that they can be one of the giant players in the industry in years to come.


Jorge Moll: Understanding the Act of Giving

Jorge Moll is a Brazilian neuroscientist who is working with his colleague, Jordan Grafman. They decided to experiment on the human brain, and they had to invite a handful of volunteers and requested them to imagine and think of a scenario involving charity and selfishness (MundoDoMarketing). The volunteers are tasked to think about something that involves them giving a huge chunk of money to someone or to an institution, and another scenario involving them taking all of the money and choosing not to donate it. The two renowned neuroscientists who are working tirelessly on the research about the human brain and morality were surprised when they saw the results of their experiment. They found out that when people are thinking about charity and generosity, a small area inside the human brain starts to awaken, and after it has activated, it commands the brain to send pleasurable signals, which can be compared to several pleasurable acts such as eating or having sex. During the experiment, Jorge Moll found out that the acts of giving and charity is innate and natural to the human brain, and the pleasurable feeling that one feels is a result of the brain sending signals to the body.

The study was conducted in 2006, and the result supports what the main religions of the world are pointing out – that to give is better than to receive ( Jorge Moll, along with his colleagues, is performing a series of studies which focuses on morality, and how it correlates with science. These hardworking neuroscientists wanted to know why acts of kindness or righteousness are better, proving it with facts supported by science. Jorge Moll, along with his colleagues, is still doing a lot of experiments today. They wanted to find out the truth about morality, and how the brain affects it.


The research performed by Jorge Moll is recognized as phenomenal, and most people who have read it in scientific journals are amazed at the result. Most are unaware of the small area of the brain which produces hormones that feels pleasurable, and after finding out about the small area, most started the practice of giving.