Another Technological Advancement from Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies recently announced a new software release that will change the manner in which inmate phone calls can be monitored. The software is JLG Technologies latest product called the Investigator Pro 4.0 searchable voice. What the technology does is allow prison investigators to take a sample of either the prisoner’s voice or the person on the other lines voice and search for other calls they have been on in the past. This software is a major breakthrough for the prison system as it will undoubtedly lead to crime prevention in the prison system.. By being able to search for a particular voice investigators will be able to look for patterns that will be instrumental in finding the gangs that are within the prison systems. In the past, investigators could only track phone calls by using the prisoners pin numbers or the phone numbers being called, the searchable voice feature brings a new level of sophistication to investigators. For example investigators will be to look at whether the person the prisoner is speaking to has event been incarcerated and are other prisoners also speaking with this particular person . There is no doubt that investigators will combine this tool with other technology to help improve the investigator process and cut down on criminal activity in the system.

For people who are familiar with Securus Technologies, the release of such a state-of-the-art tool will come as no surprise. For over 25 years, the Dallas based firm has been working to bring the leading technology to the United States prison system to help improve the work environment for prison workers as well as the quality of life for the prisoners. Other past technological advances include automating the system that prisoners can file grievances through and the introduction of electronic payment systems to the prisoners.

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A Review Of The Service Profile And Achievements Of IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services has stood the test of time for more than four decades and their main areas of operation include the provision of global-scale logistics and technical support to companies in various industries. IAP Worldwide Services has employed more than 2,000 professionals and to date they have presence in more than 25 countries across the world.

They have been solving the most demanding and intricate challenges presented by their customers and their support in the armed forces has remained vital and unrivaled for decades. IAP Worldwide Services has also embraced strategies that are promoting expansion and more specifically increasing their addressable market.

Power Solutions
One of the areas IAP Worldwide Services has excelled in is the provision of power solutions as highlighted on their website. The company has been catering for both temporary and permanent power needs in different industries. IAP offers temporary and spot power generation capability that is designed to meet the needs of customers using the grid paralleled mode or island system.

They offer disaster relief power services within Hawaii, Alaska, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. IAP has installed and maintains over 10,000 generators in critical facilities on The company has also invested in the provision of renewable energy, which is supplied in a cost-effective and environmentally conscious manner.

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Facilities engineering and operations management
IAP uses modular assets to fast track the implementation of projects to enhance rapid response to housing needs. The IAP modular system design delivers customizable units that are designed to meet the requirements of their customers. Additionally, AIP also builds components like workshops, offices, laundries and generators for power generation. Most importantly, their facilities are LEED certified.

Health and emergency services
To complement the need to offer their community work security, IAP provides full support services that are directed at enhancing comfort and safety in work places. The company on manages a full-time staff team that is tasked with the provision of 24-hour parking and security to guests. Their fire control methods and facilities security technology is unique and designed to offer fast response to accidents.

Expansionary measures
IAP Worldwide Services has also been in the process of implementing procedures aimed at enhancing growth. In 2015, IAP acquired two companies and as PR Newswire cites in this publication, the company first acquired DRS Technologies, an Oklahoma City based logistics and aviation management company. IAP later acquired Tactical Communications & Network Solutions, which operates from Aberdeen Proving Ground offering aircraft repair and mission support.

Gooee and the Future of Smart Lighting

With the frontier of our world’s newest technological advancements brings the rise of costs require to fuel many modern conveniences, including our televisions, cellular devices, and arguably most of all, lighting. When it comes to comparing the expenses of the modern-day electricity bill, the cost of lighting rarely fails to take the cake as the most costly. In most instances, we are willing to pay this cost out of necessity, but reducing the cost (drastically even) certainly wouldn’t hurt anybody.
One of the leaders of this cost-reducing forefront, Gooee Limited UK, is revolutionizing the world of home automation. This class of technologies includes the Eco-friendly monitoring systems, which chop away at the expenses of lighting utilities through the application of sensors, organic lighting (LED’s), and database collection, reducing the amount of light-fueling electricity wasted to an absolute, yet comfortable, minimum.
One mild example of the functions of Gooee’s LED lighting “Ecosystem” is the inclusion of motion sensors, which are programmed to restrict a light-bulb of power in areas void of passerby’s, deterring the bulb’s of a small business, per se, from being accidentally left on all throughout the night.
A more comprehensive example of Gooee’s technological advancements include the production of their square ASIC chip, which is no larger than 25 millimeters in width. This chip can detect, among other things, the general brightness of lighting considered to be comfortable by its immediate consumers. It does so by collecting data on the adjustments made to the light-bulb’s settings and surroundings, including variables such as the relevance of color temperature, the walking directions of its pedestrians, and the levels of ambient light available within its environment.
All of these factors facilitate a significant reduction in the consumption of light energy, which benefits not only our environment for years to come, but our very wallets as well.

Austin-based PR firm Receives Honorable Recognition

Reputation management firm Status Labs was recently ranked at position 339 among the fastest growing private firms in the US. This is an exclusive mention, which recognizes private firms that record impressive growth. Status Labs was indicted into the list due to the impressive 1,099 percent growth that it experienced between 2012 and 2015. During this period, the firm managed to establish itself as the go-to PR and online reputation management firm.

Since its formation Status Labs has been committed to the provision of high-end digital solutions. This has enabled it to build a global client base. Its clients range from notable Fortune 500 companies to prominent public figures throughout the globe. The firm’s CEO and cofounder, Darius Fisher welcomed the inclusion by stating that being mentioned in the prestigious list clearly shows how influential Status Labs is in reputation management. He further promised to help steer the firm to greater heights.

Status Labs is now in the league of notable firms, which were included in the 500 list and have gone on to become industry giants. The list itself is a representation of the success that private entrepreneurs have had. It gives upcoming firms the exposure that they need, besides catapulting them to more success. Successful companies that have been included in this list in the past include Yelp, Timberland, Pandora, Domino’s Pizza, Zillow, and LinkedIn.

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Wen By Chaz Works Well As One Reporter Finds Out

There are many ways to find out if a given product might be right for any person’s needs. One person will look into research online while another may decide to examine a product by asking her friends about it. One of the best ways to find out exactly how much a product might be of us is by listening to someone who has used it herself. Such is the case for a reporter for Bustle Magazine. She decided that she would do something for her readers. That something was opt to use Wen hair By Chaz products on her own hair and write about the results for other people.
Her Article

In her article for Bustle Magazine, she provides people with a step by step indication of how using the product helped make her hair look and feel better. The product that she used on her hair worked as well as she had expected. She demonstrates that it may be a good idea for others to consider using this product as well. In her demonstration, she talks about how much she liked using Wen By Chaz hair care. She is quite pleased with the experience she had and how her hair looks.

Wen By Chaz Items

Chaz Dean products are those rare hair care products that have been introduced and been nearly immediately snatched up. QVC buyers were attracted by how easy it is to use the products on their hair and how it made their hair look better. The products are also easy to use as they do not require people to buy several bottles for a separate conditioner and a separate shampoo. This makes it easier for women to care for their hair without worrying that a bottle of condition has run out or they don’t have enough shampoo.

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Securus Technologies will change the outlook of Corrections with their Inmate Self Service System

Manual paper processes are becoming increasingly outdated with the introduction of automated forms. Even correctional facilities have joined the party. Correctional facilities all over North America are modernized their institutions with the use of automated forms. Securus Technologies is a leader in this modernization. Its ConnectUs Automated Forms and Grievance application has been saving correctional facilities real time and money.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is employed by thousands of public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies spread throughout North America, to provide reliable high quality technology thai is readily accessible and simple to use. Securus Technologies has established the largest in-house domestic call center in the industry, in an effort to serve approximately 25 million friends and family members. Their work with corrections facilities has earned them especially high praise within the corrections circle. The Better Business Bureau has even accredited Securus Technologies and awarded them their highest rating (A+).


ConnectUs is an extension of Securus Technologies. ConnectUs is the most up to date inmate self service system, making available numerous applications to inmates. The applications include: inmate telephone, video visitation, inmate request form, grievance, commissary, inmate handbook, video education, law library, and job search applications. ConnectUs most talked up service is its Automated Forms and Grievance application. ConnectUs aims to make the use of manual paper processes extinct in correctional facilities sometime in the near future. Automated forms are processed at an average of 13.8 forms per month per inmate, making it more than 5 times more efficient than paper form processes.

Benefits of Automated Forms

Automated forms cut back on a lot of time, cost, and effort. Correctional facilities can save thousands of dollars from paper costs alone. Automated forms also give correctional officers more time to focus on safety and security. Hopefully the use of automated forms will make correctional facilities more safe in the long run.

Fun School Supplies With Wengie

School supplies can be expensive, and they can often be boring in design and color. Wengie offers a few hacks to make school supplies look a little more creative so that you have something beautiful and fun to use while at school.


Silver staples can be very boring to look at while they are in papers that you use every day. All you have to do is paint the staples before putting them inside the stapler, and you’ll have a colorful corner on your paper. You can color-coordinate your staples with the subject so that you can easily find your notes in your notebook. If you don’t want to use paint, then color the top of the staples with a Sharpie.


 Make cure USB holders with large erasers that are in neon colors or fun designs. All you have to do is cut a small slit with an exacto knife at one end of the eraser. Dig the slit until you get the depth and width of the USB. Use hot glue to secure the USB. Stick the device inside the eraser for a fun cover. This can help keep your device away from others as they will think it’s just a plain eraser.


Make your own pencil sharpener to keep your shavings secure by gluing a small sharpener inside the lid of a Tic-Tac container. The shavings will drop into the container. You can paint the outside of the container so that you have a colorful holder instead of one that is clear.


U.S. Money Reserve’s CEO Will Become A Top Blogger For The Huffington Post

U.S. Money Reserve is a company that has truly set itself apart from other distributors in the precious metals industry. CEO Angela “Angie” Koch’s leadership has helped the company achieve its lofty status. In addition to facilitating scores of orders, U.S. Money Reserve has become a very popular fixture on the local Austin, TX philanthropic scene. Again, Koch’s skills as a manager have contributed greatly to the company’s success.

Koch wants to share some of her knowledge about successfully running such a prestigious company. The Huffington Post will be publishing Koch’s writing on its blogging platform. Well over 70 million unique visits hit The Huffington Post site on a regular basis. Scores of very well known celebrities and professionals are among the contributors to the media giant. Koch is now one of them.

Angela Koch gained a tremendous amount of attention for a piece she wrote on the subject of female empowerment. Specifically, the work dealt with the presence of exceptional women at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. The reception to the article opened doors for Koch to receive approval to submit new material on the site’s prestigious blogging platform. PR Newswire released a report on The Huffington Post story. The report should give inspiration to anyone wishing to pursue blogging fame. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The general topics Koch is slated to write about include business management, corporate culture, leadership, and wealth. These topics are most definitely not narrow ones. Koch has a tremendous amount of leeway to cover these topics from various different angles. The blog entries are sure to be very informative and entertaining.

Koch’s experience running U.S. Money Reserve assuredly delivers a lot of material in which Koch can draw upon. The company continues to impress customers and competitors alike. Again, all of this should factor into solid blogging. Successful managers of exceptional successful companies definitely do produce good reading material.

Talk Fusion Revolutionizes Email Marketing

Many would say the email marketing bubble has popped. Individual’s email accounts are inundated by competing organizations desperately attempting to gain the attention of their consumers for a few brief seconds. Unfortunately for those trying to reach these potential customers, most of these efforts are lost to mass deletions, spam folders, or simply buried under a pile of other unread email messages. Most of these online marketers have forgotten, or never learned, an essential lesson. If an organization wants a customer to give them their attention, the organization must give the customer something in return.

A Better Way

Talk Fusion provides individuals and businesses of all sizes an opportunity to reach consumers through email with customizable videos embedded directly into the email. Organizations can zero in on their target audience with custom-tailored, high-quality videos that will stand head and shoulders above the crowd of text-based emails pitifully begging for a moment of the account owner’s attention. It only takes moments to record, edit and deliver dynamic video in a format that allows its recipients to view the content without requiring the tedious following of hyperlinks to a separate website.

Bob Reina

Bob Reina is the founder of Talk Fusion, and he is striving to revolutionize the direct-selling industry as well as email marketing. Mr. Reina has proven himself as a man of industry by repeatedly overcoming obstacles with diligent effort including years as a Florida police officer, abandoning a steady paycheck to pursue a career in sales, and starting a business that is rocketing to the top of the online marketing industry.

Not only has Bob Reina achieved this success for himself, but he is also sharing his recipe with others through creating direct-sales positions within his company. Mr. Reina believes he has a duty to utilize the fruits of his success for the greater good. In addition to his business pursuits, Bob Reina is actively engaged in philanthropic efforts aimed at ensuring the loving and humane treatment of animals.

How To Increase Your Company’s Online Reputation

Many people underestimate online reputation management with good reasons. It is normal for marketing companies to categorize online reputation management as the least priority in their operations. However, this becomes an emergency issue when they receive bad reviews on the internet. It is also quite unfortunate when your executive or salesperson informs you that your company has bad reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp.
Create An Account On Social Media Sites

Start by creating business pages on social media accounts. Check the email linked to these accounts for notifications regularly. Do not use an [email protected] email address. Instead, use your personal email address. This ensures that new reviews on your company’s profile are addressed faster and efficiently. Add your company’s description, videos, a link to your company’s website and high quality pictures on the business pages.

Read All Reviews Submitted On Your Business Pages

Your company’s online reputation entirely depends on reviews. It also depends on the reactions, shares and comments of your social media posts. For example, if your marketing strategy involves posting on social media, any comment that speaks negatively about your company affects your online reputation.

Respond Professionally

When responding to online comments and reviews, whether negative or positive, be professional. However, this doesn’t allow you to use personally tailored responses to clients. Online reputation management should be part of your customer service delivery. Every response made online is an opportunity to present your company’s commitment with respect to providing thoughtful, caring and honest services to all clients.

Don’t Be Offended By Negative reviews

Bad reviews about your company shouldn’t cause stress or panic. They should however encourage you to improve on your service delivery. Bad reviews inform you about client’s opinions with respect to your services or products. They also make good client reviews credible. The reviews provide honest and candid feedback from clients.

Ask For Reviews

According to Business 2 Community, a good marketing strategy should involve a proactive online client interaction. Your sales and marketing staff should ask clients to comment on your products and services. You can simplify this process by sending links of your social media pages to clients. A good number of them will leave positive reviews if they are satisfied by your service delivery.