Netpicks: Guiding Forex Traders Since 1996

In the markets today, one thing is for certain: if it is present, you can trade in it. This is true in the stock market, this is true in commodities, and this is definitely true when it comes to trading currency pairs on the Forex market. Forex trading is also known as FX Trading, and it is speculating whether a certain currency pair will go up or down (

Netpicks provides valuable public service to those who are interested in trading in this discipline. First of all, they offer a live signaling service that not only gives traders good tools to utilize, but it also allows them to trade online in different locations throughout the world. For example, when the Forex market closes in New York, the online traders can trade with the Forex market in Sydney if they wish.

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Netpicks also desires to educate traders about the various options they might have when trading. First of all, they realize many investors will like the spot trading option. However, they also realize that many business owners might prefer to trade via the Forwards or Futures markets.

Because knowledge is power, here are some things Netpicks wants investors to know about the Forex market: first of all, it is much more fluid than the regular stock market. Secondly, it is not a difficult market to master, simply because of the fact that there are not that many options to choose from. Indeed, there are only so many currency pairs that one can trade in on the Forex market!

Finally, trading on the Forex market is very volatile. Because of this, if an individual knows what they are doing, they can make an immense amount of money with a very small amount of equity. Continue to study, and continue to learn, but always be confident of the fact that when it comes to Forex trading, Netpicks will go above and beyond the call to be your number one asset.

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MB2 Dental Handles The Business Work A Dentist Does Not Want To Do

Every good dentist wants to be able to focus as much of their time as possible on the actual patients who sit in their chair and await their help. The dentist who has been trained well and who has a passion for serving their patients would rather work with those patients than handle things like billing and marketing. Any dentist can benefit from the services of a company that takes on the business side of things. MB2 Dental is that kind of a company and they are available to serve those dentists who are passionate about their work and their patients.MB2 Dental believes that the practice that a dentist has is a picture of who they are, and this company is around to help the dentist have the best practice possible.

Two hundred dentists have turned to this company for help and received assistance with the business side of running a dental practice. These people have decided that they would like to spend more time focusing on their patients and they have turned to this company for help so that they can do that. This company does not want dentists to settle when it comes to their career, they would like them to enjoy the job that they do. Accounting work can be difficult to handle and it can be boring for a dentist to take on.

Those dentists who would rather not handle their accounting work on their own can rely on MB2 Dental and the services that they offer. Billing people and collecting money from them is not fun work, but a dentist needs to collect money from their patients so that they can keep their practice going. This company steps in to handle billing and collecting work so that the dentist does not have to do that. It might be hard for a dentist to market their own services as they may feel prideful when doing that and they might prefer to work humbly on the teeth of their patients. This company can handle marketing work so that the dentist does not have to do it on their own.

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Randal Nardone’s transition from Lawyer to finance specialist

Randal Nardone graduated from the Connecticut University with a degree in English and Biology and later enrolled in the Boston University School of law where he graduated from with a Doctor of Jurisprudence. After graduating, he joined the Thacher and Wood law firm as a partner and an executive and later changed his career path and joined the finance industry. Randone worked at BlackRock Financial Group as a principal and later on joined UBS as a managing director for one year from May 1997. In 1998, Randal Nardone and four other finance experts joined forces to launch the Fortress Investment Group. Since its founding, Randal has been a principal and a member of the management committee of Fortress.

Fortress Investment Group is a universal investment manager that is highly diversified and managing assets worth 43.6 billion dollars. Fortress manages assets for more than 1750 established clients as well as private financiers. It also provides these clients with investment strategies that long-term and beneficent to the clients’ corporate existence. Fortress is reported to have close to a thousand employees who are specialized in asset management and over two hundred who are investment specialists.  In December 2017, SoftBank Group Corporation made a public announcement that it had completed transactions to acquire the Fortress Investment Group.

The terms of the purchase outline that Fortress will continue to operate as an independent entity under SoftBank and its headquarters will be maintained in New York.The acquisition was made for 3.3 billion dollars, and each shareholder is entitled to receive 8.08 dollars for each share they own. As a result, the Fortress Investment Group shares were struck from the stock market to avoid complication in the transition. The primary beneficiaries of the transactions are the five principal shareholders; Peter Briger, Michael Norvodratz, Robert Kauffman, Wesley Edens and Randal Nardone.Forbes already lists Randal Nardone as the 557th person in the World’s Billionaires list, and the amount he is set to receive from the sale of Fortress will indeed move him to a higher rank. The fifty-one-year-old father of one is set to venture more into finance while remaining a board member at Fortress Investment Group.

The Power behind OSI’s Tremendous Growth; Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of OSI Group. OSI has its headquarters in Illinois. The firm specializes in processing meat. Mr. Lavin has been proudly in the food processing sector for close to five decades. For his education background, Sheldon has a degree in Accounting and Finance and have served in the financial consultancy docket in the past. Still, Sheldon has worked in the banking industry.

Sheldon joined OSI in the 1970’s when OSI was still a small –sized company and was called Otto & Sons at that time. Sheldon joined Otto & Sons to assist them obtain funding and the bank requested him to join the shareholding of the company. Around 1975, Lavin was interested with the company’s operations when it was seeking investments from abroad. At that time, Lavin became a partner of Otto & Sons.

Still in the 1970s, OSI started its expansion strategy and it set up operations throughout America and in Europe. In the 1980s, one of OSI’s partners retired from business and the other sold all his shares to Sheldon leaving him with all the controlling interests and sole owner of OSI. As OSI’s head, Sheldon had the vision of making the company a leading meat distribution and processing company globally. Sheldon’s strategy has seen OSI open new plants globally in areas like South Africa, Taiwan, Australia, Philippines, and China among many other countries. Nowadays, OSI is among the most reputable protein suppliers worldwide. Under Sheldon’s reign, OSI operates more than 70 facilities in 17 states.

In an interview with Ceocfointerviews, Sheldon outlines some of the top aspects that have assisted the company grow from being a small-sized firm into being a global giant. One of the things is that OSI encourages entrepreneurial spirit over the years. Also, innovation is another key success secret behind OSI’s tremendous growth.

Under Sheldon’s enterprising and innovative stewardship reign, OSI has acquired successfully many firms to enhance its growth and expansion. Among the greatest acquisition is Baho Foods which is based in Netherlands. The company deals with meat and food production and has been fundamental in the successful entry of OSI into the European markets.

On 20th February 2016, from India Vision World Academy, Sheldon received the coveted Global Visionary Award. The award shows leaders who have been consistent in accomplishing their firm’s goals. The foundation honored Lavin for transforming the small food company into a multi-billion and global food processing company.

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Barbara Stokes: Appreciative Spirit

Being simply friendly is a thing that is significantly underrated. People look at being friendly as being soft or “corny”. Being nice to the right person can earn some serious benefits that are unforeseeable. Recently one town found out how far friendliness can surely take you. Barbara Stoke is the woman who showed them how friendliness can be the key to receiving many blessings. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Barbara Stokes is a Mercer University graduate who studied Biomedical Engineering and Physics. She is the leader of a company called Stokes Development LLC. This company is tasked and passionate about creating relief for those who have been in natural disasters. They provide the very important necessity of Natural disaster relief structures. Highly skilled in government contracting, Barbara Stokes decided to bring her government and FEMA supported company to the town of Cullman, Alabama. It is here that she decided to build 500 to 600 Katrina style steel homes that will withstand any disaster. The steel homes are very sturdy and are state-of-the-art mold resistant, mildew resistance, and fire proof structures. They can be erected very quickly in 2 days maximum. These homes have the highest UL rating in the industry and are a great benefit to the area.


No only will these structures allow Barbara to aid in natural disaster relief, but they will allow her to give back in another way. The process of making these buildings will allow her to hire 80 local workers and by the end of the third year up to about 300 local employees. On top of that her company giving jobs to the area Barbara’s work will require many materials. These materials will be bought from local sources if possible and will give a boost to the economy of the Cullman area.

So, what did this community do for Barbara Stokes to do so much? Well, apparently some years ago her and her husband were staying in the area of the smith Lake near Cullman. She recalled that during that time period the citizens of the town were very friendly and generous to her. Just being friendly compelled Barbara Stokes to bring her business to this town. She did all this with an “appreciative” spirit. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

Desiree Perez Woman in Charge

The global music industry revenue is over 47 billion dollars annually, with over 17 billion coming from the United States alone. Historically, the world of music has been dominated by powerful men holding the reigns on every level. Not anymore. According to 2017 article in Billboard magazine, the most powerful executives in the music industry today are women.

Among those powerful leaders is the Chief Operating Officer of ROC Nation, Desiree Perez, aka Des Perez. ROC Nation has a roster that boasts some of today’s most successful artists, producers and sound engineers including Rihanna, Shakira, Big Sean, Coheed & Cambria, DJ Khaled and many more. Des Perez has been at the helm since 2009 and continues to prove her fierce negotiating skills and dedication to success. In a landmark two million dollar deal with Sprint she continued to push the envelope of female executive power.

Des Perez is a largely private woman, preferring to focus behind the scenes to keep things going. She and her husband, Juan Perez, are some major investors in the music industry, specifically the HOVA CIRCLE of INFLUENCE. Hova is the force behind the streaming music service, TIDAL. She has been working alongside Jay-Z for over twenty years and helped catapult his 4:44 album to reach platinum status before the album was officially released.

There’s no slowing down for Desiree Perez as the future of ROC Nation is solidified among the top entertainment companies working with not only music clientele in performance, songwriting and producing but athletes as well. Watch out world, Desiree Perez is here to stay.

Dr. David Samadi and the Prostate Surgeries of the Future

Dr. David Samadi is one of the foremost surgeons of prostate cancer in the world. He is particularly enthusiastic about the uses of robotics in future surgeries. Samadi, who lives and works in New York, is the only surgeon who has performed a surgery using the SMART surgery technique via the da vinci robotic system. Samadi has said that the da vinci system is by far the most advanced tool for minimally invasive surgery. The current state of prostate surgery technology of any kind is a huge step up from the past traditional surgeries which required a large incision, usually resulted in lots of adverse side effects, and required much recovery time.

The now minimal incisions of the surgery mean the healing process will be much faster. Samadi says the new recuperation process now only takes one to three weeks. In addition (and most importantly to many) the da vinci system ensures that the nerves that control both the sexual system and the bladder are left whole and unharmed. He is a coveted speaker who speaks much as a valued member of both the American Urologic Association and the American Medical Association. He is also frequently invited to appear on Fox News.

So frequent, in fact, that it now takes place on a weekly basis. As a result, he is now considered a celebrity doctor. He is a huge encourager of testing for patients. He is especially so about the PSA (prostate specific antigen) test. These kinds of tests are conclusive proof about whether or not a patient requires prostate surgery. In his own practice, on average he will perform about 15 prostate surgeries a week. Because of his clear expertise in the field, he has become a very popular doctor. He has also become one of the highest-paid surgeons in the country. Samadi currently serves as the Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill.

TMS Health Solutions Looks at the Big Picture

TMS Health Solutions offers solutions and treatments for clinical depression. They are dedicated to helping their patients through every step of the way towards their progression toward living free from depression. About 14 to 17 percent of the population will suffer from Major Depressive Disorder, also known as clinical depression, at least once. This type of depression can be treated with therapy, or medication or a combination of both, but 40 percent may have Treatment-resistant depression. For those that have TRD, a different type of treatment is necessary to help them to overcome their symptoms.

TMS Health Solutions offers Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation as well as psychiatric services and medication. Many of their patients improve greatly with the combination of medication and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

Depression is not always obvious, and many people have it but do not even realize that they are suffering from clinical depression. Some of the more common symptoms of clinical depression include feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, anxiety, and restlessness. In more extreme cases, someone may even have suicidal thoughts. No matter what level of depression a person has, it is important to get help because it can worsen or even lead to death. Clinical depression needs to be taken very seriously, and it requires treatment just like any other illness or medical condition.

TMS therapy has been proven to be effective, and it is a cause for hope when all hope seems to be lost. TMS therapy utilizes magnetic pulses to target areas of the brain. No surgery is needed, and it is a non-invasive procedure. This type of treatment also does not have the side effects that many anti-depressants have. A typical session only takes about 30 minutes to an hour, and a treatment plan normally lasts for a duration of four to six weeks. Many patients of TMS have had a significant improvement.

TMS Health Solutions offers innovative therapy, and their trained staff are dedicated to helping their patients to get better. They not only work with their patients directly but they also work with everyone who is involved in their patients’ lives. They work with their therapists, family, and care providers in order to better understand their patients and to be able to treat them better.

TMS Health Solutions has adopted the butterfly as its logo because the butterfly represents the difficult transformation that their patients undergo in order to reach their recovery.

The Benefits of Using Southridge Capital

The main reason a person might want to make use of Southridge Capital is because they are living under a sea of debt. Debt problems can overtake your life and cause a massive problem for you and your family. The problem that people face is that they do not know how to get the problems resolved and back to normal. You might attempt to reconcile your debts with a creditor, only making things much worse. You might assume that small payments made will help, but they never seem to end. This is when a financial solutions company comes in handy for your needs.

This company is known as Southridge Capital and they work with all sorts of clients to help their financial situations get better quickly and over time. This is a way for you to overcome debt issues and for you to think about the benefits of choosing this as an option for yourself. There are tons of reasons for you to make use of this company for your financial problems right now, so be sure to contact Southridge and see what they can do for you. You will love that they take on all sorts of clients and are able to help you out when you need it the most. For more details visit LinkedIn.

There are lots of people right now who are using Southridge Capital and finding it to be a great company for their needs. Once you use the services of Southridge Capital and know that this company is a solid choice for you, it’s just a matter of figuring out when they get help you out. There are tons of people who are currently using Southridge Capital and knowing that this company is the best option for them. Not only can Southridge Capital work with individuals, but they can work with business owners who need this type of help as well. There has never been a better time for you to make use of Southridge Capital than right now and see that this is going to assist you in all the different options that you need to get done. You can visit their website

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Heal and Soothe: Live Again

Systemic Enzyme Therapy works by using enzymes to help regulate different systems in the body. This therapy has been used more than fifty some odd years throughout various nations of the world.

The enzymes in Heal and Soothe causes a reduction in inflammation by abrogating the bio-chemicals of the issues that inflammation produces, such as redness, tenderness, soreness, and stiffness. Enzyme therapy can provide quick results by reducing inflammation and may help increase the time of recovery due to a bruise, sprain, joint pain and other types of injuries. Its difference to acetylsalicylic acid and other pain medicines that are prescribed is that Heal and Soothe is used to treat the concealed problems of inflammation.

Furthermore, the ingredients to Heal and Soothe accompanying the enzymes are all found in nature. These age-old herbs and ingredients have been used by healers for generations upon generations. Amongst the ingredients are Turmeric: Turmeric is extracted from the root of a plant that has been dried. It reduces inflammation by blocking the pain creating enzymes in the body. Turmeric is also believed to destroy free radicals. Free radicals in the human body add to swelling, pain, and tenderness. Bromelain is found and extracted from pineapple. It has been found to help with inflammation, stop swelling and rids the body of toxins in the blood. Boswellia Extract is significantly used in the east; where it has been used by healers in India for thousands of years.

Healers boast that Boswellia Extract helps with pain reduction and swelling. Rutin is found in fruits, vegetables and plants it also reduces inflammation. Rutin is found in fruits, vegetables and plants it also reduces inflammation. Ginger Extract, Devil’s Claw, Mojave Yucca Root and Citrus Bioflavonoids are also found in Heal and Soothe. All of the above-listed ingredients help if not totally alleviate inflammation. The natural herbs included in this product will help the consumer get control over the pain that comes from inflammation. The ingredients don’t have any of the life-altering side effects of traditional medicine.

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